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God is Showing His Love Through Healing, Restoration and Miracles

Hebrews 13:8 says that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. The same God that did miracles in...

A Secular Jew Comes To Faith In Jesus Christ

Best-selling author and award winning writer, Andrew Klavan, discusses being a secular Jew and coming to Christ out of Hollywood.

Pope: Hospitality to Refugees Our 'Greatest Security' against Terrorism

Pope: Hospitality to Refugees Our 'Greatest Security' against Terrorism

Finding Jesus in a Refugee Camp

Naji barely escaped the Syrian civil war with his life. Sadly he lost his father, and his mother abandoned...

Jerusalem Dateline: Could This Be the Very Floor On Which Jesus Walked? 09/09/16

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: archeological discovery reveals more of the temple where Jesus taught; and could the Muslim...

Vida Dura # 455

Un hombre de negocios ve su carrera amenazada después de sufrir un aparatoso accidente automovilístico que lo deja parapléjico....

Christian Support Says Israel 'You're Not Alone'

Christian Support Says Israel 'You're Not Alone'

Vida Dura # 368

Aquí la historia de dos jóvenes que escapan de sus hogares a temprana edad. José Sebastián, termina en las...

La vida de un inmigrante en USA

Juan Guillén, inmigrante en Estados Unidos, trata de alcanzar la prosperidad financiera con la comisión de delitos diversos pero...

Bring It On-Line: Hypnosis - September 1, 2016

Is hypnosis a good thing to do, or will it bring evil into your life? Pat, what are your...

Bring It On-Line: Is this the End Times? - August 31, 2016

With all of the Middle East violence, do you think we are living in the End Times? Is it...

Laughing At The Moon

Writer, director, and actress Alyssa Addison discusses her role in the new faith-based comedy, Laughing At The Moon.

Rocker Brian Welch Plays Metal With A Mission (Extended Interview)

Korn co-founder Brian Welch returned to the famed metal band after overcoming his addictions. Armed with his faith, Brian...

Turning Point - October 21, 2015

KAY ARTHUR. Is there really life after death? The author shares truths about what really happens beyond death. ALI PEREZ....

CBN News Minute - August 22, 2016

YOUR DAILY NEWS IN A FLASH! Barack Obama plans to visit Louisiana - tomorrow... A courtroom showdown over prayer......

Jesus And Donald Trump: Our Brody File Exclusive

Jesus And Donald Trump: Our Brody File Exclusive

Living and Loving Like Jesus

Pastor and author Shawn Thornton shares about his, “anything but normal” childhood.

The 700 Club - August 17, 2016

A pinched nerve that painkiller couldn’t allay. Find out what did once and for all. Plus, pastor and author...