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Stakelbeck on Terror: Exclusive Interview with Pastor John Hage - July 30, 2013

On this week's edition of the Stakelbeck on Terror show, we sit down with Pastor John Hagee, founder of...

Bring It On-Line: God's Word

Why are so many Christians ignorant about God's Word? Why do so many follow false preachers? How will I...

The 700 Club - June 24, 2013

Masterbuilt's John McLemore shows us how to smoke prime rib, chicken wings, salmon, citrus salsa and mac and cheese....

Finding Hope When All Seems Lost

Johnny destroyed his music career when cocaine became his passion. See how God worked redemption in his life.

The 700 Club - May 29, 2013

ORU President Dr. Mark Rutland shares insights from his new book, Relaunch. Plus, John was taught to believe faith...

Faith in God Leads to Strength

John was taught to believe faith in God was a sign of weakness, but years later he learned otherwise.

Bring It On-Line: Jesus and John the Baptist

In John 1:31, John the Baptist states: "I myself did not know him...." Do you think John...

Sen. John McCain Calls for Syria No-Fly Zone

Sen. John McCain Calls for Syria No-Fly Zone

Superbook “John Looks After Mary”

“John Looks After Mary”

Superbook “John Argues With The Disciples”

“John Argues With The Disciples”

Club 700 Hoy: Marzo 17, 2013 #402

Dr. Klaus-Dieter John, Director del Hospital Diospi Suyana, nos cuenta de como viajó de mochilero a Perú y al...

Klaus-Dieter John y el Hospital de La Esperanza.

El médico de origen alemán Klaus-Dieter John, presenta su libro "Dios es visible" en el que cuenta todos los...

The Baptism of Jesus: "The Bible" Miniseries

John the Baptist baptizes the Son of Man in this clip from HISTORY's The Bible.