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More than a Mask: "Chewbacca Mom" Overcomes with Laughter

Candace became a viral sensation as "Chewbacca Mom." She shares how she has overcome shame with laughter and joy.

CBN NewsWatch: November 24, 2017

On CBN Newswatch, Nov. 24th: This is supposed to be a joyful time of the year, but many struggle...

Couple Finds the Key to A Joyful Marriage

Alcohol, control, and anger nearly destroy a marriage until time apart and a deadly accident inspire an incredible change.

700 Club Interactive - October 17, 2017

Victoria Jackson will share her journey through breast cancer with God and how to she stayed hopeful, faithful, and...

Victoria Jackson Stands Up To Cancer

Former Saturday Night Live star shares how she stayed hopeful, faithful and joyful through her battle with breast cancer.

SNL Alum Victoria Jackson Speaks Of Hope After Cancer

Comedienne Victoria Jackson shares about her journey through breast cancer, and how she's living a life of hope, faith,...

Cartoon hero transforms young girl

Einia lives in Albania and watches CBN's Superbook animated Bible adventures. Einia emulates the character Joy who is good,...

“Don’t let my daughter die!”

Saira was Julio’s pride and joy. She would wake up early to kiss him good-bye. This father-daughter bond would...

How a Smiling God Brings Joy to Wounded World

Author and speaker Lisa Harper shares how her life is forever changed by adopting a dying child from Haiti.

We Are Called to Have Joy

Author and speaker Lisa Harper talks about adopting her daughter from Haiti, and discusses how God-given joy is a...

Disabled Vets Experience Joys of Water Sports

CBN helps a non-profit organization that provides specialized aquatic rehabilitation for disabled individuals, many of whom are wounded veterans...

Rory Feek Shares His Greatest Pain and Greatest Joy

Grammy-winner Rory Feek discusses how his life was changed by God and his late wife Joey.

Rape Survivor Discovers Joy In the Midst of Depression

Before she exuded strength and courage as a stunt woman, Laurie nearly lost her life to depression. A sexual...

100 Days to Live

When Jin Zile was born, his parents were elated to have a son. But their joy turned to fear...

Becoming Grandma: Lesley Stahl's Unexpected Jolt of Joy

Becoming Grandma: Lesley Stahl's Unexpected Jolt of Joy

It Was a Christmas They’ll Never Forget

The family was thankful to escape the flood with their lives, and they planned to spend Christmas in an...

The 700 Club - January 17, 2017

Is it time to break your money fears and find financial joy? Obele shares how she did it, how...

A Sure Way to Grow Your Finances and Investments

Is it time to break your money fears and find financial joy? Obele shares how she did it, how...