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The Power of A Mother’s Prayers

A 14-year old boy drowns in icy waters only to be saved by his mothers prayers to a miracle...

Dead for Over an Hour, Son Comes Back to Life

Joyce and John Smith made headlines when John fell into a frozen lake. Hear the amazing story of his...

How This Christian Singer Is Helping the Unborn Double Their Odds of Survival

How This Christian Singer Is Helping the Unborn Double Their Odds of Survival

700 Club Interactive - Overload - July 13, 2016

Joyce Meyer shares how to overcome the pressures of stress.

Live Every Day With Peace

Author and teacher Joyce Meyer explains that today doesn’t have to be just another day where you’re stressed out overwhelmed.

#PrayersforBrussels Lighting Up Social Media

While ISIS and its supporters celebrate the attacks in Brussels on social media with #Brusselsburns, Christians from around the...

Brother of Slain Pastor Arrested, Has History of Mental Illness

Ohio authorities say they'll charge the brother of an Ohio pastor who was shot and killed during services at...

The 700 Club - September 2, 2015

When Lonnie was tired of running from the scars of his abusive childhood, he tried to overdose, but God...

700 Club Interactive: Get Your Hopes Up! – August 4, 2015

Joyce Meyer shares how to keep your hopes up no matter what life brings your way.

The 700 Club - July 8, 2015

The 700 Club’s Wendy Griffith talks with Joyce Meyer about her new book Get Your Hopes Up. Also, John...

Joyce Meyer: Get Your Hopes Up

Bible teacher and author Joyce Meyer inspires others to choose to live each day full of hopeful expectation.

Military Wife's 'Brunch' Turns into Tearful Surprise

No matter how many times you've seen it before, there's nothing quite like the joyous sight of a military...

The 700 Club - December 22, 2014

Al and Joyce Moorhouse help others create a Christmas tradition with handmade cookie cutters. Also, Dan was diagnosed with...

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