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700 Club Interactive: When Heaven Invades Earth - June 19, 2013

Is God judging the world today? Pastor David Addesa answers that question and more, as he shares how his...

News Channel Morning Edition: June 19, 2013

On CBN News Channel Morning News, June 19: FBI says spy program thwarted NY Stock Exchange plot, IRS...

CBN NewsWatch: June 19, 2012

On Tuesday’s CBN Newswatch: Evicted New York City churches continue their fight, a look at the battle for power...

News on The 700 Club: June 19, 2012

As seen on "The 700 Club" for June 19, the top headlines from CBN News include -- Churches Fight...

700 Club Canada: June 19, 2012

Watch the 700 Club Canada for June 19, 2012.

News Channel Morning Edition: June 19, 2012

Watch the June 19 edition of the CBN News Channel's Morning News with Charlene Israel and Mark Martin. G-20...

The 700 Club - June 19, 2012

NFL kicker Hunter Smith shares how turning back to Christ after chasing money gave his life new meaning. Plus,...

700 Club Interactive: Choices…Choices - June 19, 2012

700 Club Interactive hosts Gordon Robertson and Terry Meeuswen discuss choices, and how we can know the difference between...

Bring It On: June 19, 2007

Pat Robertson answers your Bring It On questions. My husband wants to move; I want to stay. Why does...

Gaza's Unseen Highway to Terror

Things may appear quiet in the Gaza Strip these days, but there's a lot of activity going on that...

Training Kids for Terror

For most kids, summer is a time for vacation. But in the Gaza Strip, that's not the case.

WorldWatch: June 19, 2009

Watch this week's WorldWatch episode. Today's top story: Prisoners in China

Christian World News: June 19, 2009

Watch Christian World News with George Thomas and Wendy Griffith. Top Stories: Uprising in Iran over Presidential Election and...

The 700 Club: June 19, 2009

Reimagine the all new Superbook. Also, a musician shares her journey to Christ after being a cutter.

700 Club Interactive - June 19, 2009

Todd White shows some street dancers the healing powers of God. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for a woman...

Canadian Edition: Week of June 19, 2011

Canadian Edition: Week of June 19, 2011