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Liderazgo Juvenil: Octubre 10, 2010 # 281

Liderazgo Juvenil: Octubre 10, 2010 # 281

La Juventud: Mayo 23, 2010 # 261

La Juventud: Mayo 23, 2010 # 261

Como ayudar a nuestros jóvenes: Abril 25, 2010

Como ayudar a nuestros jóvenes: Abril 25, 2010

Abril, 2010 -VD 269

Abril, 2010 -VD 269

The Rebirth of Gary Valenciano

International Filipino pop star Gary V. updates us on his ministry and singing career.

La madurez emocional:Febrero 7, 2010

La madurez emocional:Febrero 7, 2010

Lecrae Moore: Finding a Father in God

"I wrestled with a sense of self-worth, because my dad decided drugs would be better than hanging out with...

Gary V.: Faith to Believe

He's an international pop star, but many people don't know about the condition Gary Valenciano has been battling for...

Wess Morgan: Look At Me Now

He's a singer and a preacher with a lovely wife and two beautiful children. However, Wess Morgan used to...

Little Miracle Morgan

Eight-year-old Morgan Moeller miraculously recovered from diabetic ketoacidosis. See her story and watch a special message from Gordon Robertson...

MSG, Cancer, and Your Heart

MSG is implicated in more than just obesity and neurological afflictions. Now the evidence is indicating the nation’s two...

Gary Valenciano Sings 'Shout for Joy'

Filipino singer Gary Valenciano talks about his career and sings this upbeat Christian song.

Gary Valenciano: A Winning Lifestyle

This Filipino singer, who has been performing for more than 25 years, shares about his latest career moves.

Soul P Tells It Like It Is

Michael Greene, aka Soul P, is a rapper who is inspiring young people with a positive message.

Wintley Phipps: I Have a Dream Too

Baritone and piano player Wintley Phipps talks about the role of music in Black history and sings "Amazing Grace."

Double Vision Restored

Shijun and ManMan from China had juvenile cataracts and needed surgery. CBN visited the two children and offered free...

A Hardened Thug Comes to the Cross: The Mike Mize Story

His parents couldn't save him. Prison couldn't reform him. Mike needed a Savior.

Ralph Garth: A Junkie's Redemption

Drugs caused Ralph to lose everything, and his only sanctuary was a mental ward. It took a dream to...