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Los granizados de la abuela Isabel.

Elfri ayuda a su abuela en la fabricación de granizados. Para ello compran agua embotellada. Las ganancias no son...

Juan Joé: A pesar de mi discapacidad, soy útil.

Juan José Avendaño, de Nicaragua tenía solo cuatro años cuando fue llevado al Orfanato Bernabé, ya que sus padres...

Un taller para Alberto.

Alberto Dávila, padre de 6 niños, fue abandonado por su esposa. La situación económica del hogar se volvió inestable,...

Gladys y su Panadería.

Gladys y Juan eran los panaderos de la aldea, hasta que el huracán Karl destruyó todo a su paso....

Guatemalans Still Struggling in Quake's Brutal Aftermath

Guatemalans Still Struggling in Quake's Brutal Aftermath

My Beautiful New Family!

One little girl’s hope of having a family has come true. See how you are providing life-changing help to...

The House of Their Dreams!

Imagine a family of five living in a six foot by six foot square house! You delivered them...

A House Too Small

You brought them something that is so wonderful that it seems like a dream to Peruvian baker Esteban.

Could You Build a House from Plastic Scraps?

Imagine tying together pieces of plastic to build a home. That’s what single mother Maria and her five children...

A Teen's Brush with Death

Witness the spine-chilling events surrounding Heather’s fight for life during her three agonizing months in a hospital.

Patsy Tripodo: A Miraculous Recovery

Doctors said Patsy had a ten percent chance of surviving the night, but God told her husband Ron that...

From Living in Shame to Living Life!

Sixteen-year-old Sambath didn't go to school. He had no friends, no hope, no future.

Nhan's Healing

Young Nhan came to a CBN-supported home in Vietnam after her father died, and she received healing after the...

Kele Sewell: 'I Should Be Dead'

He was a doctor abusing prescription pills and alcohol. With nowhere to turn, he put a shotgun in his mouth...

Manuel Plays Again

A little boy who lives in Peru got a urinary tract infection. He was in pain but the family...

Pawn's Prayer

A teenager finds a home at an orphanage supported by CBN and receives Jesus into his heart.

New Feet and New Shoes – A Little Boy’s Dream Comes True

Eight-year old Hamzah's family was too poor to pay for surgery to correct his clubbed feet.

No Matter What – You Can Be Free

Jonathan was invincible, until he was sentenced to prison for 23 years. But thanks to you, his sentence became...