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Severe Weather, Twisters Hit Great Plains and Ohio Valley

Severe Weather, Twisters Hit Great Plains and Ohio Valley

Why Trump, Clinton Aren't Out of the Woods Yet

Why Trump, Clinton Aren't Out of the Woods Yet

Trump and Cruz Agree on One Thing: Rubio Should Quit

Republican and Democratic primaries this weekend revealed Ted Cruz is gaining ground on Donald Trump, while Bernie Sanders is...

East Still Braving the Wrath of Winter Storm Olympia

Temperatures might be on the rise, but the East Coast is still facing the wrath of Winter Storm Olympia....

Snow, Sleet Hits East Coast on President's Day

The mid-Atlantic and Northeast are being hit with snow, sleet, and rain Monday.

Ark Encounter Theme Park Wins Victory over Religious Discrimination

A federal judge says Kentucky can't block the Ark Encounter theme park from taking part in a sales tax...

Winter Storm Jonas Causes Travel Nightmare

Washington -- As the winter system began winding down Saturday evening, the number of people dramatically impacted was on...

KY Governor Removes Clerks' Names from Marriage Licenses

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has ordered the state to prepare new marriage licenses in an attempt to protect the...

Republican Matt Bevin Wins Ky. Governor's Race

The new governor of Kentucky is a Christian and only the second Republican to win the post in four decades.

Clerk Kim Davis Appeals Order that Put Her in Jail

Kentucky clerk Kim Davis is appealing the court orders that ultimately sent her to jail for refusing to issue...

How These Kids Raised 35K for a Congo Hospital

Gabe and Livvy Finn are a brother and sister from Kentucky who did something remarkable.

ACLU, Federal Judge Add New Twist to Kim Davis Saga

A federal judge is calling for new action in the Kentucky same-sex marriage conflict that landed county clerk Kim...

Vatican Distances Pope from Kim Davis Visit

The Vatican is seeking to distance Pope Francis from Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis after his visit with her...

Why Kim Davis Fight Is a Preview of Things to Come

Kentucky clerk Kim Davis and others have paid a price for their stance in the fight for religious liberty....

Pope Francis to Ky. Clerk Kim Davis: 'Stay Strong'

Rowan County, Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis says she and her husband met briefly with Pope Francis during his...

Pope: Gov't Workers Entitled to Religious Objections

Pope Francis appears to be defending the rights of people like Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who refused...

When Everything Goes Wrong at Once

Three-time Afghanistan veteran Adam, and wife Katie, were expecting their third child—but everything was going wrong at home. Guess...

Davis Accused of Tampering with Marriage Licenses

Kentucky clerk Kim Davis could be heading to court again, this time for altering same-sex marriage licenses.