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News on The 700 Club: June 13, 2013

As seen on "The 700 Club" June 13: NSA leaker: US hackers targeted China, Hong Kong; Turkish crackdown angers...

News Channel Morning Edition: June 13, 2013

On CBN News Channel Morning News, June 13: NSA leaker: US hackers targeted China, Hong Kong; Local police DNA...

NSA Leaker: US Hackers Targeted China, Hong Kong

NSA Leaker: US Hackers Targeted China, Hong Kong

NSA Whistleblower Vows to Fight US Government

NSA Whistleblower Vows to Fight US Government

CBN Global Update: April 22, 2013

A recent Walkathon in Hong Kong raised more than $15,000 to support CBN's ministry and humanitarian aid to the...

This Week at CBN: God Transforms Lives in Hong Kong

Gordon Robertson shares the report of transformed lives as a result of CBN's ministry in Hong Kong.

Waiting Three Years to Fix a Broken Leg

Eleven-year-old Long Qui fell and broke her leg, but her parents couldn’t afford the surgery she needed. Leaving the...

CBN Global Update: July 30, 2012

CBN is now broadcasting the first live radio program twice a week in Hong Kong. It is also available...

The New Horizon of CBN

The future of CBN is now! CBN is using the latest technologies to spread the message of Jesus Christ here...

Gary V.: Faith to Believe

He's an international pop star, but many people don't know about the condition Gary Valenciano has been battling for...

Rob Parr's Celebrity Workout

The celebrity fitness trainer demonstrates a star workout for women.

China's Churches Facing Leader Shortages

In China the church is growing so fast there's a shortage of pastors. And finding new ones isn't easy.

The Faces Behind the Beijing Games

Some of the Games' most impressive achievements come free of charge, courtesy of thousands Olympic volunteers.

Malaysian Christians Face Threats, Worries

Malaysia bills itself as a moderate Islamic country, but powerful forces are trying to turn it into a fundamentalist...

Fading School Dreams

Hui temporarily dropped out of school to help on her parents’ farm but after a year they still couldn’t...


One of the most famous bible stories is Noah's Ark. Now people can visit a life size replica of...

This Week in WorldReach: March 14, 2011

Some churches in Hong Kong and China are using episodes of the 700 Club Hong Kong as teaching tools.

Kong's Cistern

Kong's Cistern