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Bring It On-Line: Prayer Language

What does "praying in tongues" mean? Years ago, I was told it is a private prayer language between an...

Jungle Runway Lays Path for Evangelism

Missionaries recently traveled to the village of Mokndoma in Papua, Indonesia, with a goal to bring help and healing...

CBN Global Update: April 27, 2015

CBN is reaching children in India through Superbook, which is now being broadcast in India’s official language, Hindi.

Digital Revolution Eradicating Bible Poverty Wordwide

For the first time in history, the means are available to make the Gospel available to the whole world....

Bring It On-Line: Child's Idea of the Holy Spirit

A 6 year old boy wants to know who the Holy Spirit is. How can we explain in a...

CBN Global Update: January 26, 2015

CBN just created the first Superbook episode with the tribal language of the Karreni people in Myanmar. CBN will...

Party Time! Remote Tribe Gets Bible in Their Language

What happens when a remote tribal group receives God's word in their own language for the very first time?


A tribe in Indonesia celebrated the arrival of the first Scriptures in its language with a huge party.

She Didn’t Hear the Car that Almost Hit Her!

Xiao Nan’s grandmother was shocked when she heard the doctors’ diagnosis—nerve damage in both ears. She would be illiterate...

Bring It On-Line: Interpretation of Spiritual Language

Is church a must to go to heaven? My fiance feels tongues should not be spoken, even in personal...

Bring It On-Line: Video Games

Is it a sin to play video games? Most of the games are violent, have sexual content, blood, and...

Bring It On-Line: Church Required for Heaven?

What is a tool I can use to always believe in God? I'm saved, I have three sisters, and...

Milestone: The Bible in Every Language, on Every Phone?

Milestone: The Bible in Every Language, on Every Phone?


Colorful parades and festivities throughout Mexico and Central america marked the region's independence day celebrations this September. At the...


when "Christian World News" first aired in 1994, we were broadcast only in the United States and only in...

700 Club Interactive: Loving Your Teen - July 23, 2014

Do you have trouble understanding teenagers? Of course you do – who doesn’t? Dr. Gary Chapman tells...

Dr. Gary Chapman on Loving Teenagers

Author Gary Chapman discusses strategies for cultivating positive and meaningful relationships with teenagers.

Give Your Faltering Relationship “One More Try”

Author Gary Chapman shares tips on successful relationships and keys to strengthen your marriage.