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Flying House Episode 16

What If...?

Flying House Episode 17

The Lost Sheep

Flying House Episode 18

Sour Grapes

Flying House Episode 19

Dog Gone

Bring It On: Barren Women

Is adoption in God's will for barren women? Did the Holy Spirit appear in the Old Testament? Are superhero...

The 700 Club: December 3, 2009

Meet the man who survived an explosion that left him with third-degree burns and a one percent chance of...

Bachmann: Strength from Faith and American Values

Pat Robertson interviews Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann on why she is sticking to her conservative principles.

News on The 700 Club: December 3, 2009

As seen on Thursday's "The 700 Club," the top stories from CBN News include -- President's Job Summit:...

700 Club Interactive - December 3, 2009

Feature: A former lesbian shares her journey to restoration.

News Channel Midday Edition December 3, 2009

Watch CBN News Midday with Lorie Johnson and Efrem Graham. Top Stories: President Obama Hosts Jobs Summit, Senators...

News Channel Morning Edition December 3, 2009

Watch CBN News Morning with Charlene Israel and Heather Sells. Top Stories: Same-Sex Marriage Defeated in New York, Health...

Moll Anderson: Budget-Friendly Decorating

Moll Anderson shares her Christmas decor secrets - all for $25 and under!

Tony Yarijanian: Through the Fire

Tony lived through a horrific explosion at work, but could he survive his wounds? See how his wife’s faith...

Flying House Episode 20

Little Orphan Anna

Flying House Episode 21

A Word to the Wise

Flying House Episode 22

Judgement Day

Flying House Episode 23


Flying House Episode 24

Over the Hill