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News on The 700 Club: March 14, 2013

As seen on "The 700 Club" March 14: New Era: first Latin American pope takes helm; Carson tackles Obamacare,...

New Era: First Latin American Pope Takes Helm

New Era: First Latin American Pope Takes Helm

Vida Dura # 374

En Vida Dura, conozca el caso del jóven Eddie Morales quien quedó imposibilitado de por vida, luego de ser...


It used to be western churches that launched the majority of missionaries throughout the world. Now most missionaries are...

This Week at CBN: Life-Changing Surgeries Program

Gordon Robertson showcases the life-changing surgeries that CBN partners are able to provide for children with deformities in Asia,...

Superbook South of the Border

Superbook is sweeping across Latin America with a wave of excitement and anticipation for more.

This Week at CBN: Superbook in Latin America

Gordon Robertson takes us to Latin America where Superbook is being used to help strengthen families in Costa Rica.

This Week at CBN: The Ministry of 'Club 700 Hoy'

Gordon Robertson shares the impact that the Spanish version of The 700 Club is having in Latin American countries.

Latin American Pastors Pass Torch to Young Leaders

Latin American Pastors Pass Torch to Young Leaders


Decades of spiritual revival in Latin America have produced some of the world's fastest growing churches, but church leaders...

Contagious contagia alegría desde Florida

El grupo musical Contagious nos hablan de su trayectoria artística y nos presentan su CD "Vale la pena" y...

The 700 Club - May 10, 2012

John Ramsey shares his experience of living through the aftermath of JonBenet Ramsey's murder. Plus, Alex Montez achieved success...

Alex Montez: Losing Everything to Gain it All

Alex achieved success in Latin music, but the temptations of stardom overcame him and he lost everything.

Iran, Hezbollah Tentacles Reaching Latin America

Iran, Hezbollah Tentacles Reaching Latin America

Club 700 Hoy: Marzo 11, 2012 #351

Banda Destino, nos presenta su primer producción musical "Amarte Más", con una interesante fusión de ritmos e influencias latinas.

Iran, Hezbollah Tentacles Reaching Latin America

Like Iran, the terrorist group Hezbollah is committed to the U.S.'s demise. Now both are spreading their tentacles across...

April Hernandez-Castillo: Finding God

Abuse survivor and Hollywood actress April Hernandez-Castillo shares how her boyfriend's salvation led to her own Jesus experience.

Mundo Cristiano: Diciembre 30, 2011

RESUMEN ANUAL: Las noticias mas destacadas del 2011, Conflicto en Egipto y Libia; Desastres naturales son signos del final...