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Washington Steps Closer to Legalizing Gay Marriage

Washington Steps Closer to Legalizing Gay Marriage

RI Gov. Declares Capitol Spruce a 'Holiday Tree'

RI Gov. Declares Capitol Spruce a 'Holiday Tree'

Critics Slam Congress as Legislative ‘Do Nothings’

Critics Slam Congress as Legislative ‘Do Nothings’




Israel finds itself under escalating attacks by a worldwide campaign to de-legitimize the Jewish State, but a new group...

News on The 700 Club: December 14, 2011

As seen on The 700 Club's nationally televised broadcast for Dec. 14, the top headlines from CBN News include...

News Channel Morning Edition: December 20, 2010

Watch the Dec. 20 edition of CBN News Channel's Morning News with Efrem Graham and Heather Sells. Top Stories...


A cultural battle pitting Christians against Australia's atheist prime minister and her party may be looming in Australia. Now,...

Fed Up! Gov. Perry's Crusade to Rein in Washington

Texas Gov. Rick Perry believes what ails America isn't the fault of its citizens, but the government.

What is Nancy Pelosi Thinking?

The Brody File reads Nancy Pelosi's mind as she wraps up the legislative "accomplishments" before the lame duck session.

Iowa Hopes for Gay Marriage 'Wake Up Call'

Traditional marriage supporters say recent court decisions in the gay marriage debate put "government by the people" on a shelf.

News Channel Morning Edition: April 20, 2010

Watch CBN News Morning with Efrem Graham. Top Stories: European Airlines Resume Some Flights Despite Volcano, Senate Dems Push...

Could Gay Protections Trump Religious Freedom?

Many Christians fear laws to protect homosexuals in the work place could endanger their religious freedom.

CBN NewsWatch: March 30, 2010

Watch CBN NewsWatch with Lee Webb and Wendy Griffith. Top Stories: Student loan changes in the health care law,...


In the UK, the House of Lords approved legislation permitting civil partnership ceremonies in churches. Church leaders spoke up...

How Would Democrats Reshape Congress?

Democrats believe that the Republicans have given the Bush administration a free pass on a host of issues.

Myspace Predators

Why do sex predators like this Web site? Here's a warning for children and parents..

Security on Minds of American Voters

In an election year that includes the 5th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, security is on the minds...