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Brody File: The 2012 Election And The Evangelical Impact

How are evangelical groups trying to influence this 2012 election cycle? Let us count the ways.

Superbook Trailer: "Let My People Go!"

Watch a preview of Superbook: "Let My People Go!"—the story of Moses and Israel's exodus from Egypt.

Would You Let This Boy Starve?

Operation Blessing discovers a starving little boy being neglected by his family Operation Blessing helps restore him to health...

A Century of Strength: Branson Still Rooted in Faith

In the heart of the country, a well-known vacation spot turning 100 this year continues to cling to its...

Lynn Manley Lets the Pain Go

A childhood of horror was undone when Lynn took her pain to Jesus and began to experience a full...

The 700 Club - June 18, 2012

Jamie and Bobby Deen discuss their love of summer grilling for family and friends. Plus, Jared Bellan was a...

Chanay's Letter to CBN

A 14-year-old Cambodian girl watches a CBN children’s program, prays to receive Jesus as savior and then corresponds...


It's known as one of C.S. Lewis’s most influential works...the Screwtape Letters. It's a tale of spiritual warfare from...

He Could Fix Anything But Hunger

After John was let go from his job, he wondered how he could feed his family of six. Little...


China is finally letting political activist Chen Guangcheng apply for a passport. Two weeks ago, Chinese officials said Chen...

News Channel Morning Edition: May 11, 2012

Watch the May 11 edition of the CBN News Channel's Morning News with Efrem Graham. Top Stories --...

Osama bin Laden Letters Now Available Online

Osama bin Laden Letters Now Available Online

Schuller Shares How to 'Let Go, Trust God' When Down

Schuller Shares How to 'Let Go, Trust God' When Down

The 700 Club - April 27, 2012

Pastor Robert A. Schuller shares how to let go and trust God when life does not go as planned....

Robert A. Schuller: God is Up to Something

Pastor and author Robert A. Schuller discusses how to let go and trust God to be in control when...

Kevin LeVar: A Heart That Forgives

Christian artist Kevin LeVar discusses the 'Forgive and Live' campaign and performs a song from his latest CD.

Bring It On: Sanctified by a Believing Spouse

I am a Christian but had a relationship which turned sexual, now he won't even talk to me. How...

New Law Lets Teachers Pray with Students

New Law Lets Teachers Pray with Students