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Jerusalem Dateline: Bible History Confirmed - October 24, 2014

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: How archaeology confirms Bible history and brings its characters to life. We'll take you...

Clean Water is Changing Lives in the Congo

CBN and Innovation Africa bring Israeli technology to a rural orphanage. A solar powered pump provides water for...

'Love INC' Breaking Cycles, Building Relationships

'Love INC' Breaking Cycles, Building Relationships

'Love INC' Breaking Cycles, Building Relationships

A network of churches called Love INC is crossing denominational lines to help those trapped in poverty. But there's...

700 Club Interactive: Identity Crisis - October 22, 2014

A gay son’s journey to God, and a lesbian woman’s discovery that she’d been living a lie . ....

Abuse of Power? Harry Reid's Game of Dodge Ball

Abuse of Power? Harry Reid's Game of Dodge Ball


CBN Reporter, Dan Reany experiences what it feels like to walk in the shoes of a Nigerian family by...

CBN Global Update: October 20, 2014

CBN Asia celebrates 20 years of proclaiming Christ and transforming lives in the Philippines.

Married Music Legends Ricky Skaggs and Sharon White Achieve 33-year Dream

Husband and wife music legends Ricky Skaggs and Sharon White have recorded a new album together, and share how...

CBN Asia 20th Anniversary

Take a look back at the birth of CBN Asia in the Philippines in 1994 and the lives that...

Taking Protest to Planned Parenthood's Front Door

Taking Protest to Planned Parenthood's Front Door

700 Club Interactive: Impossible to Possible - October 14, 2014

Jacob had stage four cancer – and five years to live. Today – he’s alive and cancer-free... even...

The 700 Club - October 8, 2014

Eating a balanced diet is essential for healthy living, but it may not be enough. Learn how supplements can...

American Reporter Spends 36 Hours Living with Rural Nigerian Family

One family in Africa gets an unexpected house guest from America. How he repays their kindness shocks everyone.

700 Club Interactive: Miracles Still Happen - September 29, 2014

Are you facing an impossible situation? Guess what – that also means it’s God’s greatest opportunity! Pastor...

War Weary Ukrainians being helped by Orphan's Promise

Ukraine says Russia has removed most of its forces from its country, but months of battle have left behind...

A Disease Can’t Stop a God-Given Dream

Faytene was diagnosed with liver disease, but she believed a miracle would help her realize her dream of being...

700 Club Interactive: Whole Life Change - September 19, 2014

Josh lived a life of destruction and drugs – find out how he broke the addiction once and for all!