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Fighting the Ghosts of Bosnia with Love, Hope

Fighting the Ghosts of Bosnia with Love, Hope

Power of Touch a Transformative, Healing Force

Power of Touch a Transformative, Healing Force

Providing for a Family of 6 on $5 a Day

In Ukraine, Vera is raising her children in a rundown house without power and water and with little heat....

Why Would Anyone Abandon This Little Girl?

They fell in love with Jing the moment they saw her, but problems started after the adoption. How could...

What Can Two Feet of Rain in 24 Hours Do?

A Florida family discovers God’s love in the flooded ruins of their home.

A Big Sister’s Gift of Love

How CBN partners transformed a baby’s life—and her big sister’s too.

700 Club Interactive: A Parent’s Love - May 14, 2014

Death of a loved one is painful, but the death of a child is beyond words. How two families...

'Mom's Night Out' a Hilarious Break for Parents

'Mom's Night Out' a Hilarious Break for Parents

'Mom's Night Out' a Hilarious Break for Parents

It's a comedy celebrating the challenges and joys of parenting. Faith-based family film "Mom's Night Out" hits theaters May...

700 Club Interactive: Caring for Orphans - May 6, 2014

A feral child – abused, unable to talk or even eat solid foods. Then, one day she found a...

Loving Drugs to Death

Lisa had a drug addiction that was taking over her life, causing her to contemplate suicide.

The 700 Club - April 16, 2014

Meet the Burpos, the family behind the new movie, “Heaven is for Real.” Plus, a hurting and wandering young...

Sexual Addiction Ends in Stronger Marriage

Mitch’s addiction to online pornography led to an extramarital affair, but when he confessed to his wife, Michele was...

Amazing Love: Authentic Movie Making in Israel

You might not realize it, but most movies about the Bible are not made in the Holy Land, something...


More than two million Syrians have fled the fighting in their country. Many are living in terrible conditions in...

Bring It On-Line: Daddy's Example

My husband and I have been together for almost 3 years now, but I just recently found out that...

A Pivotal Moment—a Changed Life

Superbook changed 7-year-old Kenzo’s life. While he used to love to draw his favorite comic book superheroes, he now...

700 Club Interactive: Why I Love Jesus March 27, 2014 but Hate Religion

Where does God end and the Church begin? Spoken word artist Jefferson Bethke shares just how Jesus is greater...