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Superbook: “Noah and the Ark”

Superbook’s “Noah and the Ark” brings a favorite Bible story to life through incredible animation. It’s sure to become...

700 Club Interactive: Saved From Darkness - Nov.21, 2013

Hear how one man found love and freedom after years of rejection and addiction.

Superbook: “Noah and the Ark”

Meet Noah as he follows God’s instructions to build a huge boat on dry land—with no rain in sight!

700 Club Interactive: Love Conquers All - Nov.20, 2013

See what happened when one couple dissevered that ministry could not save their marriage.

Bring It On-Line: Soul-Mates

Is there such a thing as a soul-mate? I know there isn't marriage in heaven, but will we spend...

Marine Surprises Kids by Coming Home 'to Stay'

Marine Surprises Kids by Coming Home 'to Stay'

Bring It On-Line: Diabetes and Fasting

My brother was murdered and I find it hard to forgive the person who killed him. To what extent...

Noah and the Ark - The Salvation Poem

The message of Christ's love for each of us set to scenes of the Superbook episode "Noah and the Ark".

Waiting Game: US Filipinos Pray for Loved Ones

Waiting Game: US Filipinos Pray for Loved Ones

News Channel Morning Edition: Nov. 13 , 2013

On CBN News Today, Nov. 13: Desperation sparks Philippines looting rampage, Waiting game: US Filipinos pray for loved ones,...

Bring It On-Line: Near Death Experience

Is it okay to tithe to a family member? When people have a near-death experience, can they really see...

The Day God Said 'Go Feed the Strippers'

The Day God Said 'Go Feed the Strippers'

Bring It On-Line: God's Love

Will there be sin in Heaven? The answer is no - right? But if the answer is no, how...

The Day God Said 'Go Feed the Strippers'

Katherine Erin Stevens was a happy pastor's wife and a mom of three. Then, following a 21-day fast, she...

Desperate Woman's Search for Love Ends at the Cross

A childhood of neglect and abuse left Jennifer hurt and confused. She desperately sought love from men, then babies,...


Two weeks ago, a massive 7.2 earthquake rocked the province of Bohol in the central Philippines. Sadly, most residents...


One year after Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of America's northeast coast, many victims of the storm are counting their...

John Ashcroft: Singing the Legacy of the Hymns

Former Attorney General John Ashcroft has a new passion: bringing Christians back to a love of the classic hymns...