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Club 700 Hoy: Abril 28, 2013 #408

Lucas Leys, Presidente de especialidades Juveniles, nos habla de como Jesucristo sigue siendo la persona que ha impactado más...

Lucas Leys: "El mejor líder de la Historia"

El autor argentino Lucas Leys comparte en una interesante entrevista, cómo Jesucristo sigue siendo la persona que ha impactado...

Regent Chapel Grand Opening - Ron Luce

Grand Opening of the Regent University's Chapel with guest speaker Ron Luce of Teen Mania.

Al pié del Cañon

Esta es la historia de Fermín Muñoz, Astillero del cerro Santa Lucía, Un anciano mantiene viva una tradición que...

Luces de Navidad.

Cada Diciembre, en Virginia Beach, hay una familia que decora su casa con centenares de lucecitas de muchos colores,...

700 Club Interactive: Ron Luce - June 11, 2012

ATF and Teen Mania founder Ron Luce shares about his daughter's miraculous survival from the recent plane crash as...


Teen Mania Ministries founder Ron Luce spoke at the funeral of the man who probably saved his daughters life...

Ron Luce: It's a Miracle His Daughter Is Alive

Ron Luce: It's a Miracle His Daughter Is Alive

News on The 700 Club: May 14, 2012

As seen on The 700 Club's nationally televised broadcast for May 14, the top headlines from CBN News include...

Ron Luce: War Vet Who Saved Daughter 'True Hero'

Ron Luce: War Vet Who Saved Daughter 'True Hero'

The 700 Club - January 31, 2012

A drug binge put Carl Knighton at death's doorstep. The result was an experience of hell that changed his...

700 Club Interactive – September 29, 2010

Guest: Ron Luce

Ron Luce on Friends Without Benefits

The founder of Teen Mania talks about the dangers of casual sex in our youth culture.

In The Green Room with Ron Luce

Go behind the scenes with the Teen Mania founder on his new book, Friends without Benefits.

The 700 Club: September 28, 2010

Teen Mania Founder Ron Luce talks about "friends without benefits". A woman survives her own suicide attempt. Also, CBN...

Prayer Sao Paulo's 'God Factor' for Change

Violence and lawlessness were out of control. Then a group of police officers in Sao Paulo, Brazil asked God...

Waging War in Tinseltown

Liberals have long been known for promoting a left-wing agenda on the big screen. Now some groups are fighting back.

Changing Lives

A ministry to the hungry is doing more than fill empty stomaches. It's also changing lives.