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"Que mamá no sepa que fui a la cárcel"

Ángelo Soto trabajaba en Wall Street, pero su ambición lo llevó a hacer negocios turbios con la mafia italiana,...

From Mafia Playboy to Ministry

Jim’s father worked for the mob, and Jim grew up following that same crooked lifestyle. With a knack for...

Jesus in the Rice Fields: China's Countryside Revival

Jesus in the Rice Fields: China's Countryside Revival

Blood Libel: Murder-Inciting Video Called a Hoax

Blood Libel: Murder-Inciting Video Called a Hoax

Blood libel: Murder-Inciting Video Called a Hoax

The French government has decided facts don't matter, legitimizing a possible hoax that has contributed to the murder of...

'Muslim Mafia' Targeting Religious Freedom?

'Muslim Mafia' Targeting Religious Freedom?

News on The 700 Club: December 21, 2011

As seen on The 700 Club's nationally televised broadcast for Dec. 21, the top headlines from CBN News include...

Antonio Lorenzo: No Longer Neglected

He found success in criminal activities but worried that some day his mob ties would cost him his life.

Chef Rick Tramonto: Reality and Rigatoni

When his father embezzled money and got in trouble with the Feds, Rick Tramonto became man of the house.

Abril, 2010 -VD # 271

Abril, 2010 -VD # 271

The 700 Club: April 22, 2010

Author and minister Wellington Boone talks about his outreach to Anglican bishops. A former member of gangster rap group...

Delmar Lawrence: Into the Light

He was buried deep in the dangerous world of hip-hop. See how this former member of Three 6 Mafia...

John Wagner: A Heartless Thug, A Second Chance

Violence and rage ruled John's life, until the day his wife said, 'No more.'

From Gangster to Pastor

Rocco Morelli lived a dual life: politician by day and mafia prince by night.

Iraq's Secret Weapons Supplier

The Soviet Union collapsed in late 1991, but former agents of the KGB survived. Some are using a little...

Look Out Sin City! A Revival's Coming

Can anything good come out of a place called 'Sin City'?

The 'C Street' Mystery

Recent political scandals have put a Washington D.C. Bible study group under the microscope and in the headlines.

Deborah Finley, Witness to Her Father's Murder

She was abandoned and abused as a child, but nothing compared to the pain of that tragic night. Only...

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