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He Caught Malaria on a Soccer Field

Elijah’s favorite soccer field became a dumping ground for community garbage, and malaria came with the territory. He survived...

Fighting Malaria Leaves Senior Citizen On the Brink

Hard times left 60-year-old Chandi unable to provide for her most basic needs. CBN was able to drill a...

Gordon's Healing Testimony

Gordon Robertson shares about his miraculous healing from cerebral malaria.

West Africa Facing Largest Ebola Outbreak Ever

West Africa Facing Largest Ebola Outbreak Ever

What Happened to Idol's Dreadlocked Jason Castro?

After leaving American Idol, Jason Castro quickly scored a No. 1 international hit. Then he disappeared from the charts...

CBN Helps Mother Save Family from Malaria

When a mother’s family in India is ravaged by malaria, CBN comes to their village with a treatment to...

Helping Two Sisters Beat Malaria

When 4-year-old Lucy and her sister Fanta became deathly ill with malaria, the only hope for them was hours...

CBN Aids Malaria Plagued Village

A family loses a son to malaria in the remote mountains of southeast India. CBN responds to the growing...

'Flower' Restores Hope to Malaria's Smallest Victims

'Flower' Restores Hope to Malaria's Smallest Victims

CBN Global Update: May 7, 2012

CBN distributed hundreds of mosquito nets to help prevent malaria during medical missions to Thailand and Burma.

Groups Worldwide Seek to Raise Malaria Awareness

Groups Worldwide Seek to Raise Malaria Awareness


Malaria kills thousands every day, but Haiti is the only country in the Western Hemisphere where the mosquito-born disease...

Zambia's 'Lazarus' Effect

Each year in sub Saharan Africa 2 million people die of AIDS-related diseases. In Zambia, one of the continent's...

Chruch of the Week: Church of the Nazarene

They loaded their luggage with quilting tools, sewing machines, and dresses to give to women to a poverty stricken...

OB Prevents Extermination of Burmese People

A persecuted Christian people flee extermination in Burma. Operation Blessing provided mosquito netting to help prevent malaria and mine...

OB Provides Relief to War Torn Somalia

The threat of jihad isn't stopping CBN's Operation Blessing from doing relief work in Somalia.

Saving Lives with Simple Measures

Without roads or access to medicine, a family in East India faces certain death from cerebral malaria.

700 Club Interactive – August 23, 2011

Kate Carr of Malaria No More shares about the devastation of Malaria around the world.

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