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France is fighting a radical Muslim group in the African nation of Mali. The international community doesn't want Mali...

US Considers Sending Military Assets to Mali

US Considers Sending Military Assets to Mali

French Military Pounds Islamist Targets in Mali

French Military Pounds Islamist Targets in Mali

Study: Walnuts Key to Male Health, Reproduction

Study: Walnuts Key to Male Health, Reproduction

The 700 Club - June 19, 2012

NFL kicker Hunter Smith shares how turning back to Christ after chasing money gave his life new meaning. Plus,...

Danny Williford: Searching for Meaning

After losing his dad, Danny's search for male role models took him down a path of disappointment and crime.

Pedro Pablo Urzua

A Pedro Pablo se le muere la madre a los diez años. Cansado de la relación mala con su...

Female Vets Fight Personal Wars of Homelessness, Abuse

Once a problem mostly for male veterans, homelessness is growing among females leaving the military. They also face...

The 700 Club - May 14, 2012

Future Hall of Fame pitcher John Smoltz talks faith, baseball and his new book, Starting and Closing. Plus, a...

Kelly Caroll Discovers the Lover of Her Soul

A lifetime of negative male relationships leave Kelly Caroll contemplating suicide just to end the pain.

Vida Dura #308

En Vida Dura la historia de Graciela Romero, quien sufrió de abuso y una mala vida de niña que...

Ashley Fiolek: 'Just Part of the Plan'

Ashley Fiolek is not only making waves as a female rider in the male dominated sport of motocross, but...

Bring It On: Gossip

Why is it so hard to stop gossiping? What happens to people after they die? Are there male and...

AJ Nichols: Free Indeed

A man looks for male acceptance in all the wrong places.

Tony Spears: Lifted Up After Being 'Down Low'

He had girlfriends but also had male lovers until the day came when he couldn't lead a double life...

Visions of Jesus Stir Muslim Hearts

Many say a supernatural dimension is at work throughout the Islamic world…

Scientists Develop Male Contraceptive

Scientists in London say they have developed a contraceptive pill for men. It's a combination of two medicines already...

Iranian Female Races to Freedom

Behnaz Kar's supporters and competitors alike are proud of what she's doing to help improve the status of Iranian women.