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The 700 Club - January 9, 2013

Best selling author Mary Hunt joins us to share tips on saving time and money. Plus, Ivan grew up...

Mary Did You Know

"Mary Did You Know" performed by CeeLo Green featuring scenes from the upcoming epic miniseries THE BIBLE.'

The 700 Club - October 30, 2012

Mary Neal describes her experience of heaven and angels after drowning in a kayaking accident. Plus, A drug...

India's Innocent: Secret Weddings of Child Brides

In India, marrying off a daughter means one less mouth to feed, which is why children are forced to...

Please Help my Baby Sister’s Smile

When five-year-old Maria first saw her baby sister Naomi’s cleft lip, she asked her mother Carmen if she had...

The 700 Club - August 27, 2012

Marion Jones discusses what her incarceration experience taught her and what needs to change about our prison system. Plus,...

Mary and Gabriel

Mary and Gabriel

Joseph and Mary

Joseph and Mary

Gabriel and Mary

Gabriel and Mary

Bring It On: Strained Relationships

Recently my fiance was locked up. Do I stay in the relationship while he's behind bars or do I...

Bring It On: Christian Dating 101

Do I need to wait for God to give me a mate? Does waiting for God mean that I...

Church Apologizes for Refusing to Marry Black Couple

Church Apologizes for Refusing to Marry Black Couple

NASA's Mars Rover Lands Successfully; Sends Images

NASA's Mars Rover Lands Successfully; Sends Images

Bring It On: Prayer

Is it ok for a Muslim friend to pray for me? If you marry a non-believer before you know...

Mary Greer: 'He Called Me By Name'

For more than 20 years, Mary Greer lived in darkness because of persistent migraines.

She Survived Two Disasters in One Week

Even though Maria survived the tornado that hit her apartment building, she had only 48 hours to move all...

Bring It On: Scientology

My daughter played a game call "Bloody Mary" during a party, what can I do to protect her during...

Bring It On: Sound of God

How can genetic diseases be healed, is it wrong to pray for these? What does God sound like? Will...