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Fashion Designer Targets Sex Trafficking Problem

Fashion Designer Targets Sex Trafficking Problem

Fashion with a Purpose

Fashion designer Katie Martinez took a leap of faith in 2010 bringing together elegance and t-shirts with a mission...

The 700 Club - January 30, 2013

Fashion designer Katie Martinez brings elegance and t-shirts together with a mission to fight sex trafficking. Plus, survivor and...

Daysi Martínez: Por fin puedo volver a la escuela!

Cada vez que Daysi Martínez, en Nicaragua, asistía a la escuela, deseaba volverse invisible, pues sus compañeros se reían...

Club 700 Hoy: Octubre 14, 2012 #382

Andrés Panasiuk, Fundador de Cultura Financiera, nos enseña sobre la importancia de hablar de dinero en la pareja.

Paraguay's 'Altar of Prayer' Evidence of Revival

Paraguay's 'Altar of Prayer' Evidence of Revival

Going Hungry to Pay the Bills

Mike and Ellen went to extremes to survive financially in a new city with their kids. There was no...

A Convicted Criminal Rehabs His Heart

Going to prison didn't change John's hardened heart, but when he was released to a Christian halfway house,...

Ketchup Kids' Principal Feeding Hearts, Lives

Most students at one Las Vegas elementary school are homeless or near homeless. But their principal is keeping them...

Las Vegas Man Forgives Family's Killer

Las Vegas Man Forgives Family's Killer

The 700 Club - July 26, 2012

When her parents divorced, Andrea Logan White attempted to gain a sense of control by manipulating her weight through...

Pedro Martínez

Un hombre vive sumido en la soledad y la falta de autoestima, hasta que descubre el amor de Cristo.

Vida Dura #306

En Vida Dura el testimonio de Nasario Martinez, un policia corrupto que paso tiempo en la carcel despues de...

Vida Dura #305

En Vida Dura veamos como Mariana de Bauers experimento depresion y pensamientos de suicidio. Tambien el testimonio de Vicente...

The New Superbook for the Next Generation

Deanie played the original Superbook for her four boys. Now she plays it for her grandchildren, including Destiny...

Gabe Martinez - The Prodigal Son

Gabe was a prodigal son who ran away from home but his father never gave up on him.

Holiday Cooking with Daisy Martinez

The television chef behind Viva Daisy shares how to entertain effortlessly during the Christmas season.

The 700 Club: December 14, 2010

The Food Network's Daisy Martinez shares her effortless holiday entertaining tips. A man leaves the party scene behind. Also,...