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Operation Blessing Brings Life Saving Meals to Peru

Operation Blessing Brings Life Saving Meals to Peru

Creative Meals to Combat Arthritis

For national arthritis, author Holly Clegg visits The 700 Club to discuss great meals to help people reduce inflammation.

To Grandma’s House for Food

Ahmue was pregnant; her husband in jail. With each passing month, she had more difficulty feeding her two children...

No Food to Bring for the Hungry

When her class was asked to bring food for the poor, Mirian was ashamed. Her family had no food...

Prostitute Yearns to Forgive Herself

Alone and addicted to drugs, Pam turned to prostitution to survive. She received meals from a church ministry and...

Bring It On-Line: - September 28, 2016

My 5-year-old grandson and I came to the table for a meal. I said, "Do you want to say...

When a Bowl of Soup and the Love of God Make All the Difference

When a Bowl of Soup and the Love of God Make All the Difference

Surviving the Holocaust and Poverty

Bombings and murder fill their memories. Michael and Vera both survived the Holocaust, but lost most of their family...

Professional Chefs Head to Louisiana to Bless Flood Victims

Beginning Tuesday, a team of chefs will prepare restaurant-quality meals for victims, volunteers, and first responders in Monroe, Louisiana.

Abandoned, Hungry and Alone

When Roger was nine, his mother decided to leave and not come back. Not even his loving grandmother could...

Mother sacrifices to save dying son

Mr. and Mrs. Dui had a son whose heart defect was certain to take his life. Only expensive surgery...

Christmas in the Kitchen with Kimberly Whitman

Kimberly Whitman goes into the kitchen with Terry Meeuwsen to share some Christmas recipes that are sure to delight...

A Trim Healthy Mama Christmas

Authors Serene Allison and Pear Barrett showcase some of their favorite Trim Healthy Mama Christmas offerings.

Thanksgiving, Wherever

Living far from family can be lonely, but giving thanks can be shared wherever you are.

Hopeless Widow Sustains Family on One Meal a Day

After Susheela’s husband died she had no way to provide for her two young sons. CBN offered her a...