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Granting Medal of Valor, Obama Says US Must Listen to Police

Granting Medal of Valor, Obama Says US Must Listen to Police

The 700 Club - May 16, 2016

An award winning drummer shares about overcoming a rough childhood. Plus, stage IV cancer and 90 days to live...

700 Club Interactive - America’s Addiction - May 16, 2016

Is America addicted to prescription meds? Find out how popping pills is leading to a dangerous rise of heroin use.

CBN NewsWatch: May 4, 2016

On CBN Newswatch, May 4: Presumptive nominee? Trump Indiana win creates big challenge to unite party; Medical errors the...

Medical Errors the Third Leading Cause of Death in US

Medical Errors the Third Leading Cause of Death in US

Digital Download: New App Helps Students Find Jobs

[Future Graduates] The Linkedin Student App, might just be the answer to your job search and internship prayers.

Dr Kent Brantly’s personal journey of faith in the face of Ebola

Dr. Kent Brantly was infected with the deadly Ebola virus while serving as a medical missionary in Liberia....

700 Club Interactive - Heart Changer - April 14, 2016

See how a dad with congestive heart failure defies medical science.

Jerusalem Dateline: Brussels – Europe’s Jihadi Capital 04/08/16

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: Molenbeek, Brussels - Europe’s jihadi capital; plus European politicians, media hid danger of radical...

Healing One Cell at a Time

Author of “Healing One Cell at a Time,” Dr. Gordon Crozier struggled with chronic illnesses many years until gaining...

Blood on Their Hands: Europe's Immigration Lie

When it comes to immigration and open borders, Europe has been dancing with the devil for years. But now...

Is Great Britain ISIS's Next Target?

British intelligence is tracking more than 50 jihadists reportedly planning upwards of 20 terror attacks against the United Kingdom.

Bring It On-Line: Restoration - March 31, 2016

My son stands in faith with me and detests this guy. What do I do? Is it okay as...

Bring It On-Line: - March 28, 2016

Can you give thanks without closing your eyes and bowing your head? Does God want us to take...

Media Fail: Georgia's Religious Freedom Bill Misunderstood

Corporations are putting pressure on Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal to veto a watered-down religious freedom bill that merely protects...

#PrayersforBrussels Lighting Up Social Media

While ISIS and its supporters celebrate the attacks in Brussels on social media with #Brusselsburns, Christians from around the...

Pain from Old Football Injuries Meets Its Match

Lenwood’s football days caught up with him in the form of grinding neck pain. A doctor prescribed pain meds,...

Russell Moore: "Don't Call Me Evangelical...For Now"

In a presidential election year there's a lot of talk in the media about the so-called "evangelical voter."