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The United Nations calls India "the most dangerous place on Earth for a girl.” Every twelve seconds, a baby...

Waiting Four Years to See a Doctor!

Adamu and his son Musa were both going blind, but living in an isolated part of Nigeria, they had...

Sip Up! Study Says Coffee Drinkers May Live Longer

Sip Up! Study Says Coffee Drinkers May Live Longer

Report: Obesity Now a 'Societal' Problem

Report: Obesity Now a 'Societal' Problem

Manuel Juega Otra Vez

La enfermedad de un hijo es dificil para un padre, pero cuanto mas cuando no se le puede dar...

A Look at Israel's Socialized Medicine

A Look at Israel's Socialized Medicine

Statin Meds Issued New Warning Labels

Statin Meds Issued New Warning Labels

God Can Cure When Medicine Can't

Tim Ballard should have died at age 9 but after receiving prayer from local churches and Benny Hinn, he...

Restoring 'Smiles' to Romania's Children

Twenty-two years ago, a British missionary had a plan to travel to Romania, hand out food, medicine and school...

The Mandevilles: Behind Closed Doors

John was a top-selling Christian songwriter who coped with his failing marriage with alcohol and porn.

Ninu’s Bone Infection

Operation Blessing provided emergency surgery, medicine and therapy for Ninu to regain use of his arm.

What Are the Most Critical Needs in a Disaster?

Find out what they are and how you are helping supply Haitians and saving lives today.

A Deadly Infection

Imagine not having enough money to buy the antibiotic that would save your daughter's life. That's when you...

Israeli Doctors Join with Operation Blessing in Haiti

You make it possible for medicine and supplies to be there so doctors have the tools necessary to heal...

The Gift of Health

Once CBN found out about Phonenimith’s worsening condition, they paid for his medicine. Then they dug a well and...

The Guide to a Speedy Recovery

You can bounce back from surgery or any hospital stay with the right information. The 700 Club and Dr....

Silent Night, Dark Night in Philippines

It's a dark silent Christmas for the 1.5 million Filipinos affected by super Typhoon Durian. Operation Blessing is there...

Scientists Develop Male Contraceptive

Scientists in London say they have developed a contraceptive pill for men. It's a combination of two medicines already...