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El Puesto de Dilcia

Dilcia, de Honduras, es una madre soltera que hace lo imposible por darle alimentos a sus pequeñas niñas. A...

Support Israel: Buy Blue and White

Support Israel: Buy Blue and White

Operación Bendición fomenta Micro-empresas.

Alcides trabajaba como jornalero, hasta que un día cayó de un arbol muy alto y casi muere. No pudo...

Opportunity Fund a Hand Up for Small Businesses

Opportunity Fund a Hand Up for Small Businesses

Bethlehem Woodworker Struggles to Carve Out a Life for His Family

A skilled craftsmen, Michelle can do amazing things with a block of wood, but raw materials are expensive and...

El testimonio de Paola Henriquez

Paola Henríquez era una próspera micro-empresaria de la confección, que cayó en el consumo de drogas. Luego de años...

Micro Pigs the New 'Man's Best Friend?'

Micro Pigs the New 'Man's Best Friend?'

Princess in Payatas

For some children in Payatas it was not uncommon for a day to pass without the children receiving even...

Hello From the Philippines

There are so many good things happening in the Philippines. Watch these stories of hope, redemption, and lives being changed.

Food for a Lifetime: Ukraine SEED Project

Orphan's Promise helps a Gypsy community become self-sustaining by starting the SEED.

A School Safe From Elephants

Masai villagers were afraid to let their children walk five miles to school because of dangerous elephants. But without...

Los tamales de Olga.

Para Olga, una madre hondureña vivió momentos de angustia, al no poder alimentar a sus 4 hijos, durante la...

This Week at CBN: Operation Blessing Micro-enterprise Projects

Gordon Robertson takes a look at an Operation Blessing micro-enterprise project in Honduras that helps one family keep food...

Micro-business Lifts Family Out of Poverty

Laxmi's children didn't have the necessary supplies needed to attend school in India. CBN International was able to provide...

Bring It On: Mark of the Beast

I have had debilitating insomnia for years, what can I do to resolve this issue? What can I take...

Microfinancing the Future, One Loan at a Time

Microfinancing the Future, One Loan at a Time

Micro-Targeting Could be Key to Election

It's that time of year where doors get knocked on and pavement gets pounded. Recently, the G.O.P. has been...

Micro-Loan Makes a Big Difference

This week Muhammed Yunus, a banker in Bangladesh, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for this simple answer to...

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