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Bring It On-Line: Heavenly Grandfather?

My friend believes when someone is put under anesthesia, they might get infested with demons that could mess up...

Financial Peace of Mind

Randy was a successful lawyer and great at earning money. But he was also great at spending money. Anxious...

700 Club Interactive: From Your Head to Your Heart - Jan. 3, 2014

Learn how to overcome the analytical mind and embrace the Spirit.

Wounded Warriors Find Path to Healing in Alaska

After a decade of non-stop fighting abroad, a new program is bringing wounded warriors and their families to Alaska...

Pat Robertson Teaches: How Shall We Now Live?

In his new DVD, Pat Robertson gives biblical answers to the top questions on the minds of Americans.

Bring It On-Line: Father's Love

My 12- year-old asked me, "Is all music bad even if it speaks positive lyrics? Does it make one...

Boy's Parents Murdered by His Grandfather

An incomprehensible family tragedy left Michael broken and flailing.

Bring It On-Line: Children in the Hands of God

Should we, as parents, back out and let God handle our children instead of giving them what they need?...

Bring It On-Line: Fighting Depression

Is it okay to pray for money? If I really need it desperately, is it okay to pray that...

Obama's Goodwill Israel Tour Sows Seeds of Hope

Obama's Goodwill Israel Tour Sows Seeds of Hope

Obama, Lawmakers Meet; No Minds Changed on Cuts

Obama, Lawmakers Meet; No Minds Changed on Cuts

The Brody File B-Block: God and Guns

We look at how Christian groups feel about the gun control debate. Also, where are the most Bible-minded cities...

Daring to Believe for Good Things Ahead

Assembling fireworks is a dangerous occupation, but that’s what fourteen-year-old Rosy and her mother Fatima did every day beginning...

Post-Christian Era? The Future of Faith in America

Some have declared this era a post-Christian age. But renowned pollster Frank Newport said not according to Gallup data,...

Bring It On: Prophecy

How do you know when you receive a prophecy? I was told the devil cannot read our minds, is...

A Voice of Hope: Finding Fulfillment in Life

Author and speaker Michelle McKinney-Hammond chats with Kristi Watts about keys to finding fulfillment in life.

New School Day Starts amid Fresh Safety Concerns

New School Day Starts amid Fresh Safety Concerns

Trusting God After Tragedy

A special interview with family therapist Ron Deal about his first hand experience with tragedy and loss and how...