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700 Club Interactive – September 21, 2010

Topic: Rescue at Sea

Spiritual Gifts Webcast: September 21, 2010

Larry Sparks joins Marguerite Evans for a night of live teaching, worship and interactive ministry in the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual Gifts Webcast: September 20, 2010

Worship leader Ryan Meadows joins Joseph Stallings III and Bishop Joseph Stallings, Jr. for a night of praise, prayer...

700 Club Interactive – September 20, 2010

Topic: Think for Success




Andrew Marin is a missionary called to a unique mission field: The homosexual community in Chicago. He’s lived in...


Christianity is growing in the world’s largest Muslim nation, but radical groups are putting the church under intense pressure....


For much of the 20th Century, Romania suffered under the harsh rule of a communist dictator. About 25 years...

700 Club Interactive – September 17, 2010

Topic: The Love Factor

Internet Tools Cast Wide Net for Evangelism

Many churches and ministries are using technology to spread the Gospel. CBN News talks with "Net Casters" author Craig...

700 Club Interactive – September 16, 2010

Topic: The Paranormal

700 Club Interactive – September 15, 2010

Guest: Craig Groeschel, author of The Christian Atheist

700 Club Interactive – September 14, 2010

Topic: Surrender to Success

700 Club Interactive – September 13, 2010

Topic: I Do... Just Not Any More

America's Hunger Problem Grows in Tough Economy

Close to half the adults standing in line at local food banks are not typical. One megachurch Willow Creek...

700 Club Interactive – September 10, 2010

Topic: Second Chances

700 Club Interactive – September 9, 2010

Topic: Teens and Divorce with Author Kevin Leman

Spiritual Gifts Webcast: September 7, 2010

Pastor Jacob Martin joins Joseph Stallings III for a night of live teaching, worship and interactive ministry in the...