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Jerusalem Dateline: 9/15/17 Israel Gears Up for Future War Against Hezbollah

Israeli reservists, soldiers train for a future war against Hezbollah; plus an exclusive interview with Sebastian Gorka, former Trump...

Billy Graham-Style: Teen Launches Ministry to Reach His Generation, Hundreds Choose Christ

Billy Graham-Style: Teen Launches Ministry to Reach His Generation, Hundreds Choose Christ

700 Club Interactive - September 15, 2017

The youngest member of the famous Rivera family experienced sexual abuse which led to alcohol and drug addiction....

700 Club Interactive - September 14, 2017

T.C. Stallings, star of the hit movies "War Room" and "Courageous" shares how to remain faithful on and off...

700 Club Interactive - September 13, 2017

Wendy Roache thought she was married to Mr. Wonderful, but he turned out to be her worst nightmare! See...

700 Club Interactive - September 12, 2017

A couple forgives their daughter’s killer and his life is changed by their grace.

When a Child Puts Her Faith in God...

Milani loved going to daycare, but her dad couldn’t find work, and when her mom lost her job, they...

700 Club Interactive - September 11, 2017

The six-year-old who became a civil rights hero, just by walking to school. Ruby Bridges shares about the day...

700 Club Interactive - September 5, 2017

A convicted felon turned successful CEO says five bold choices can redefine your life.

700 Club Interactive - September 8, 2017

A woman with an abusive father searches for love through drug and alcohol abuse. She discovers the greatest love...

700 Club Interactive - September 7, 2017

Pastor and author Robert Jeffress will discuss the most frequently asked questions about heaven and how we can prepare...

Free Burma Rangers in Mosul: 'No Greater Love'

Free Burma Rangers in Mosul: 'No Greater Love'

700 Club Interactive - September 6, 2017

Best-selling author and psychologist, Dr. Kevin Leman will discuss ways of parenting children so they gain educational excellence and...

700 Club Interactive - September 4, 2017

See how 13-year-old Scotty Parker aims to 'change the world' with bike rides across the U.S.

700 Club Interactive - September 1, 2017

Actress and home-schooling advocate Sam Sorbo shares how she & her husband, Kevin Sorbo, instill Christian values in their...

700 Club Interactive - February 14, 2017

In a family full of facades, Esther Fleece, learned from a young age to keep secrets and fake her...

700 Club Interactive - August 31, 2017

C.E.O and author Penny Young Nance discusses how women can uniquely impact the nation for God.

700 Club Interactive - August 30, 2017

"Mom Set Free” author Jeannie Cunnion shares how to parent with the confidence of God’s grace.