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700 Club Interactive – September 1, 2010

Topic: Texting While Driving

Praying for Your Needs: September 1, 2010

Good reports on neck lumps and depression. Prayers for coughing up blood, urianary tract infection and release from spirit...

Spiritual Gifts Webcast: August 30, 2010

Brian Britton ministers out of a heart for world-wide transformation and revival. He will join Marguerite Evans for a...

700 Club Interactive – August 31, 2010

Guest: Valorie Burton

A Vision for Haiti

Orphan's Promise helps the desperate and hungry children of Haiti in the wake of a devastating earthquake.

700 Club Interactive – August 30, 2010

Topic: Pushed to the Limit

700 Club Interactive – August 27, 2010

Feature: High on LSD, Jeff Lennon had nowhere to go.

700 Club Interactive – August 26, 2010

Guest: Jason Russell of The Invisible Children

700 Club Interactive – August 25, 2010

Feature: Veronica's Voice

James Ryle: God Is a Promise Keeper

He felt hopeless in the Dallas County Jail. James had no idea that years later he'd be a free...

700 Club Interactive – August 24, 2010

Topic: Overcoming Fear

Spiritual Gifts Webcast: August 24, 2010

Jacob and Heather Martin join Marguerite Evans in a night of live teaching, worship and interactive ministry in the...

Zimbabwe: Modeling a Nation that Forgives

Zimbabwe used to be one of the most unstable countries in Africa. Political violence left hundreds dead and divided...

700 Club Interactive – August 23, 2010

Topic: Never Give Up

In The Green Room with Joel and Victoria Osteen

We talk with America's Pastor and his wife about how they met and what prompted them to start "A...

700 Club Interactive – August 20, 2010

Guest: Gerard Henry

Bring It On: The Call to Ministry

Pat Robertson answers these questions and more: Does God call a husband to ministry and not the wife? Should...

700 Club Interactive – August 19, 2010

Topic: Faith in Action