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700 Club Interactive - April 18, 2017

Author Tom Doyle will discuss how Middle Eastern Christians fear God more than they fear terrorists like ISIS.

700 Club Interactive - April 17, 2017

Abandoned by her father, best-selling author Lysa TerKeurst shares how she overcame rejection.

700 Club Interactive - April 14, 2017

After five major concussions, NFL Tight End, Ben Utecht is losing his memories. Hear how he's inspiring others to...

700 Club Interactive - April 13, 2017

Are you hungry for true fellowship with God ? Author Katherine Ruonala will share how to have intimacy with...

700 Club Interactive - April 12, 2017

3-time Sports Emmy Award winning broadcaster Ernie Johnson faces adversity through adoption of a special needs child, the loss...

700 Club Interactive - April 11, 2017

A fortune teller dabbles in the dark arts. Find out what spooks her straight.

700 Club Interactive - April 10, 2017

Ugandan children are being kidnapped and murdered as part of a thriving human sacrifice business.

700 Club Interactive - April 7, 2017

The youngest member of the famous Rivera family experienced sexual abuse which led to alcohol and drug addiction....

700 Club Interactive - April 6, 2017

Studio 5's Efrem Graham talks about this week's top five stories from the world of faith and entertainment.

700 Club Interactive - April 5, 2017

700 Club Interactive and Roc Solid Foundation come together to bring hope to a young autistic girl battling cancer.

700 Club Interactive - April 4, 2017

Jordone sought love in the wrong places. When the party life didn’t fulfill, she found her acceptance in Christ.

700 Club Interactive - April 3, 2017

Life, marriage, and gender are under attack; popular blogger Matt Walsh says it’s now or never for the church...

They’re Unreached by All But the Abortion Industry, But This Group Is Changing That

They’re Unreached by All But the Abortion Industry, But This Group Is Changing That

700 Club Interactive - March 31, 2017

Daughter of Candace Cameron Bure, Natasha Bure addresses living in the public eye, her faith, and living an authentic...

700 Club Interactive - March 30, 2017

Fox News Religion Correspondent, Lauren Green, shares what she has learned on the job and on her own spiritual journey.

700 Club Interactive - March 29, 2017

On today’s 700 Club Interactive, author Erin Weidemann discusses the devastation of a cancer diagnosis and giving her life...

700 Club Interactive - March 28, 2017

A car full of teenagers is hit head on by a drunk driver, and J.R. is the only survivor....

700 Club Interactive - March 27, 2017

What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how are they activated? Gordon Robertson and Vernon Falls...