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The Global Lane - May 25, 2018

Mike Pompeo shakes the Middle East by promoting Iran regime change; Spies & dossiers. Who is DOJ protecting? The...

Religious Freedom Ambassador Brownback Believes Pastor Brunson Will Be Released from Turkish Prison

Religious Freedom Ambassador Brownback Believes Pastor Brunson Will Be Released from Turkish Prison

Aggressive Cancer Disappears Without a Trace

With only months to live, Merilee held on to scriptures and prayer...with a miraculous outcome.

Your Questions, Honest Answers: - May 24, 2018


Studio 5: The “If” In Life

Rashad Jennings opens up about his life as an athlete, actor and author. Jonathan McReynolds pulls back the curtain...

Desperate for Healing from Years of Trauma

Jenny's substance abuse escalated over time as she struggled to heal from the trauma of rape. In the midst...

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Things

Gospel music legend Larnell Harris reflects his life’s journey from humble beginnings to winner of multiple Grammy Awards.

Unshakable Faith Beats Unbearable Pain

Donald couldn't escape the excruciating pain in his neck, but he remained determined that it would not shake his faith.

The 700 Club - May 18, 2018

A cancer diagnosis for a mom eight months pregnant. Watch a miracle unfold and see the prayers that saved...

CBN NewsWatch: May 17, 2018

On CBN Newswatch, May 17: President Trump is pushing hard against state sanctuary laws that prohibit cities from cooperating...

Healing Broken Lives with Love

Becca Stevens shares how she founded Thistle Farms where they transform the lives of women rescued from trafficking, addiction,...

Brain Tumor Dissolves by Power of Prayer

Evelyn went through ten treatments to remove her brain tumor, but all were ineffective. However, her friends and family...

Making the Case for Miracles

Lee Strobel, author of “Case for Christ” shares his new book, “Case for Miracles.”

Ballet Dancer Trusts God For Healing

Donna gave everything to her ballet career, but then stress kept her from leaving the house. Two years later,...

Regent University Commencement 2018

Highlights from Regent University's weekend commencement activities on May 12, 2018.

The 700 Club - May 10, 2018

Bob and Christy went from buying whatever their heart desired to filing for bankruptcy. How could this happen? After...

He Learned to Bully From His Parents!

Eight-year-old Yudha was a bully. He loved to tease kids and make them cry. Seeing his parents fighting at...

Building Hope From Rubble

Tulasa and her mom watched in horror as homes in their neighborhood collapsed from the earthquake in Nepal. They...