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Baseball Youth Loses Arm in Freak Accident

When a 12-year-old baseball player loses his arm in an accident, it's a race against the clock to reattach it.

Parents Lean on Faith in Fight for Unborn Daughter’s Life

20 weeks into her pregnancy, doctors said Sandy's daughter wouldn't survive a birth defect. But God had given Sandy...

Heart Attack Can't Keep Coach From the Game

After a football coach suffered a heart attack, doctors had little hope for a positive outcome. Meanwhile, his wife...

Devastated Couple Refuses Abortion, Embraces Prayer

After four miscarriages, Jennifer and Chris finally conceived, but their baby wasn't expected to survive multiple birth defects. They...

Baseball Player Risks Career Playing on Injured Hip

Derrick Pyles suffered in silence for 8 months until a chance encounter saved his livelihood.

Revival Hits North Carolina Again: 'The Power of God was so Strong'

Revival Hits North Carolina Again: 'The Power of God was so Strong'

Stunning Success! Vitamin C Saves People Dying of Sepsis

Stunning Success! Vitamin C Saves People Dying of Sepsis

Head to Toe Healing Puts Man's Life Back Together

Charles discovered a degenerative problem in his spine after a fall, leaving him to battle the pain. Coupled with...

The 700 Club - March 29, 2017

She’s the chief religion correspondent from Fox News. Lauren Green shares the lessons she’s learned on the beat and...

The 700 Club - March 28, 2017

Take a look inside the epic new film, “Facing the Darkness,” where the fight to stop the world's deadliest...

Finding Her Escape from Migraines and Jaw Pain

Kathy was 8 years old when an accident in a pool rendered her jaw nearly immovable. 50 years of...

Tornadoes Delay Life-Saving Surgery

An artery burst in Jerry's stomach, but due to bad weather, he couldn't be life-flighted. With slim chances of...

Hoping for the Impossible

Andrea got the call every wife dreads—her husband had been in a lethal motorcycle accident. In the midst of...

700 Club Interactive - March 7, 2017

A man admits himself to the ER only to fight for his life. That’s when a miracle occurs.

700 Club Interactive - March 6, 2017

When a 6-year old girls suffers a serious brain injury, her family and friends pray for a miracle.

Pain-Free After 63 Years

Larry spent decades re-aligning his jaw every time he yawned or ate. He heard a prayer on TV, but...

The 700 Club - February 28, 2017

Former CEO and presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina offers a lesson in leadership. Plus, one woman had knee pain for...

Walking Was Nearly Impossible

Sharon's knee never recovered from a car accident injury, and she relied on pain medications to get through each...