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Giving Thanks for a Miracle Healing

A torn stomach muscle results in debilitating pain, but God has the cure.

Tornado-Ravaged Resident's Find Hope Beneath the Rubble

Tornado-Ravaged Resident's Find Hope Beneath the Rubble

Swallowed by a Sinkhole

Four hours after being swallowed by a sinkhole, everyone expected the worst for 6 year-old Nathan.

Miracle Survival: 'I'm Ready to Die for Christ'

Miracle Survival: 'I'm Ready to Die for Christ'

Violence, Looting Rampant in Tacloban City

Violence, Looting Rampant in Tacloban City


The people of Boho province, Philippines, are still struggling to recover from the devastating earthquake that hit last month...

Her Miracle Was Around the Corner

A rare condition left Angela immobilized and the prognosis was not hopeful, but her praises to God never wavered...

The 700 Club - Nov. 1, 2013

Craig is an avid mountain climber, but in 2002 he took a 100 foot plunge that changed his life...

Miracle Prayer Repairs Knee Injury

Sherry suffered a knee injury that caused her significant pain. A prayer on The 700 Club ushered in a...

The 700 Club - Oct. 31, 2013

What started out as innocent fascination with a Ouija board turned Tara's life into a nightmare. Plus, hip pain...

Years of Pain Halted with One Prayer

Patrick took a spill that left his elbow in pain for years, then a prayer on The 700 Club...

Bring It On-Line: Healing and Miracles

Could there be other beings that God created somewhere else in this vast universe? Can Christians go to war?...

The 700 Club - Oct. 17, 2013

Marie Monville shares how life changed when her husband killed himself and five Amish school children. Plus, Phyllis suffered...

The Power of a Television Prayer

Phyllis suffered from debilitating bone spurs in her shoulder, but a 700 Club prayer paved the way for God...

Medically Confirmed Miracle

A mass in Mike's right lung miraculously disappears while his doctors are preparing for surgery

Bring It On-Line: Healed in Heaven

I have always wondered how Christians determine their spiritual gifts. What does the Bible say? I believe that God...