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A People Without Friends: 'Time to Back the Kurds'

A People Without Friends: 'Time to Back the Kurds'

Seven Days Ablaze: Benny Hinn

Evangelist Benny Hinn speaks to the CBN/Regent University family during the 2014 Seven Days Ablaze Week of Prayer service.

7 Days Ablaze: Benny Hinn - September 29, 2014

Join with the CBN staff and Regent University as they set aside aspecial time of worship and to pray...

The 700 Club - September 29, 2014

Benny Hinn has spread the Gospel and witnessed miracles around the world, and today he will share how God...

Benny Hinn Witnesses Miracles in Indonesia

Evangelist Benny Hinn discusses the miraculous healings that the Lord did while he ministered in Papua, Indonesia.

700 Club Interactive: Miracles Still Happen - September 29, 2014

Are you facing an impossible situation? Guess what – that also means it’s God’s greatest opportunity! Pastor...

Author Mark Batterson

Author Mark Batterson chats with Terry Meeuwsen on the topic of miracles

7 Days Ablaze: Mark Batterson - September 26, 2014

Join with the CBN staff and Regent University as they set aside a special time of worship and to...

Mark Batterson Believes Miracles Still Happen!

Author Mark Batterson talks about his new book, “The Grave Robber,” and will reveal the truth of how miracles...

The 700 Club - September 26, 2014

Author and Pastor Mark Batterson wants you to believe miracles happen every day! Plus, even after Faytene received a...

Doctors Baffled When Young Mother's Colon Cancer Completely Disappears

Serena wanted to watch her son grow up, so after a diagnosis of colon cancer, she turned to missionary...

When Doctors Told Rich Wilkerson to Pray for His Son’s Death, He Refused

Pastor Rich Wilkerson believes in the power of prayer. Hear how he personally experienced an answer to prayer and...

The 700 Club - September 25, 2014

Pastor Rich Wilkerson will share the story of his son’s illness and why he believes in the power of...

Hiker Barely Escapes Alive from Death Mountain in Peru

Scott went retracing the steps of his wife's grandfather in the mountains of Peru, but found his survival skills...

A Disease Can’t Stop a God-Given Dream

Faytene was diagnosed with liver disease, but she believed a miracle would help her realize her dream of being...

700 Club Interactive: I Believe in Miracles - September 12, 2014

The amazing story of baby born with brain damage – and it’s one that’ll have you believing in miracles.

Doctors Believed This Baby Had a Stroke and Would Never Function Normally

Doctors couldn’t understand why baby Noah was screaming and vomiting at just a few weeks old. Terrified, but faithful,...

Woman Who Drank Toxic Tea Makes Miracle Recovery

Woman Who Drank Toxic Tea Makes Miracle Recovery