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Son's Miraculous Survival Proves the Power of Prayer

A woman turns to prayer when her son suddenly goes into a cardiac arrest and is declared clinically dead.

Hunted by Nazis

Yelena was born in a Ukrainian ghetto, and she remembers constantly hiding from Nazi SS troopers. Miraculously, she survived...

10 Years of Barrenness Come to a Miraculous End

After 10 years of barrenness and with a looming hysterectomy, Celeste still yearned for children. She prayed and trusted...

Miraculous Healing after Christmas Car Wreck

Days before Christmas, Denise broke every bone in her pelvis and legs in an accident. Against all odds, she...

Couple Receives the Gift They Prayed For

Christy was 7 months pregnant when doctors told her to prepare for a funeral instead of a healthy baby....

700 Club Interactive - December 4, 2017

A young wife and mom miraculously survives a massive brain stem stroke.

The 700 Club - November 20, 2017

See the miraculous story of survival when the pilot is able to walk away after his small plane crashes...

700 Club Interactive - November 15, 2017

University of Kentucky football quarterback Stephen Johnson miraculously overcomes childhood Tourette’s Syndrome with a simple prayer.

700 Club Interactive - November 13, 2017

The miraculous story of a mother’s faith and her child’s resurrection.

Dead for Over an Hour, Son Comes Back to Life

Joyce and John Smith made headlines when John fell into a frozen lake. Hear the amazing story of his...

700 Club Interactive - October 4, 2017

Tabitha Hale fell from a horse, fracturing her skull with swelling in her brain. See how she miraculously.

700 Club Interactive - September 29, 2017

A young boy sees a vision and hears a word from God; 20 years later, both miraculously come true.

Baby's Miraculously Healed Heart Answers Parents' Prayers

Andrew was born with an illness that affected the arteries in his heart. His parents prayed for years, and...

Meeting the Miraculous at Death's Door

Tea with her sisters turned into a fight for life when a brain bleed landed Vanessa in the hospital....

Lifting Accident Leads to Miraculous Survival

Terry Warpoole suffered a catastrophic injury when the barbell he was using rolled off his hands, crushing his throat....

Shooting Victims Tout "Love Your Enemies"

Shortly after 9/11, Ray and his 10-year-old daughter Hannah were shot while working as aid workers in an Islamic...

700 Club Interactive - August 23, 2017

Lt. John Arroyo is hit with a a 45-caliber slug severing his jugular vein and his right shoulder. He...

Baby Abandoned in Plastic Bag for 3 Days Miraculously Survives

Baby Abandoned in Plastic Bag for 3 Days Miraculously Survives