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Micronutrients 'Miracle Cure' for Disease, Obesity?

According to researchers Jayson Calton Ph.D. and Mira Calton CN, micronutrients are being stripped form our diet and depleted by...

Changing the Man in the Mirror

Martin was angry when his dad left, and spent years fluctuating between bingeing on drugs and sobriety. He grew...

Hijos oren por sus padres

Pocas cosas son más sinceras que las oraciones de un niño. Adrián en Perú oró por los problemas financieros...

Heisman Trophy Winner Tim Brown’s Greatest Touchdown

NFL great Tim Brown was a superstar on the field but off it, he couldn’t look at himself in...

John Méndez: La influencia de "La Ganga".

En ocasiones conocemos a un niño o a un joven y decimos, ese niño va a ser doctor, o...

Atrévete a mirar.

Les presentamos el video de la canción "Atrévete a Mirar" que canta Héctor junto a su hija Melisa, y...

Are You Starving Yourself into Obesity?

Starving yourself into obesity? Authors, Mira and Jayson Calton, warn about the dangers of micronutrient deficiency in their new...

Vida Dura # 365

En Vida Dura, Mirian Gómez, una niña que crece en medio de extrema pobreza es abusada sexualmente y, tratando...

Australia’s ‘Rise Up’ Hopes to Mirror Success of Tea Party

Catch the Fire Ministries Pastor Danny Nalliah formed the new Australian party called "Rise Up Australia." Many of its...

Movie Reviews: 'Mirror, Mirror' Hits Theaters

Movie Reviews: 'Mirror, Mirror' Hits Theaters

Catholic School Sues over Contraception Mandate

Catholic School Sues over Contraception Mandate

Mark Brooks: Saved by Relationship, Not Religion

He was an addict, and selling the drugs led him and his new wife to a life on the...

He Can Do It for You

Maribel Boone suffered from horrendous migraines. Could the Lord heal her from such a persistent pain?

New Orleans: A Tale of Two Cities

Almost half a year since Hurricane Katrina, parts of the Big Easy are thriving, whereas other sections are still...

From Fat to Skinny by Going in Reverse

After four months on her new diet plan, Tricia Cunningham was wearing a size 9. It's far smaller than...

David Meurer: Behind the Laughter

He’s a comedian who pokes fun at the family life. But Dave's growing up was no laughing matter.

Jason's Looks and Outlook Makeover

Jason discovered his true strength in the face of cancer was in God.

How America Is Funding Terrorism

Ever wonder who's paying to train suicide bombers? Look no further than your own mirror.

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