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Berdyansk House

Berdyansk House

Vanya Bule: Changing Bosnia’s Destiny

Vanya Bule: Changing Bosnia’s Destiny


The Balkan wars were marked by ethnic and religious hatred. In Bosnia, Muslims and Christians slaughtered each other in...

Eternal Gospel Flame

October 1, 1995, the flame in front of CBN's Headquarters Building represents our mission statement to spread the Gospel...

CBN News: Missionary Kids Silent No More about Abuse

Former students who attended U.S. missions schools overseas tell CBN News about the child abuse they endured at the...

This Week in WorldReach: July 25, 2011

Children in remote villages of the Philippines are enjoying "Happy Kids" camps cooperatively hosted by CBN WorldReach and Operation Blessing.

An Eye-Opening Deliverance

Felix took to alcohol after going blind. Then he met Jesus and became a changed man -- in more...

Radical Islamic Threat Grips Denmark

Denmark has been a strong ally in the international war on terror. But when it comes to the threat...


In the northernmost parts of Siberia, Peter Khudi is braving the frigid temperatures to share the gospel with remote tribes.

Keeping Up with Otis Clark

Otis Clark was baptized at the Azusa Street Mission during the world-renowned revival there. More than 100 years later,...


A Scottish preacher is renovating the UK mission base used by Pentecostal pioneer Smith Wigglesworth. His hope is to...


The killing of an American missionary in Mexico has many missions groups considering the risks of working in a...

Buying a House that Pays Its Own Mortgage

Gary and Saundra were looking to finally settle down. Rejected for a loan, see what they discovered in the...

Mary Sells Jewelry

Family lost their home after post election riots in Kenya. Operation Blessing helps mom start a business making and...

A Widow's Corn Harvest

Operation Blessing provided seed, fertilizer and training for a small village, which dramatically changed the lives of everyone in it.

Missionary Sam Childers Featured in New Movie

Missionary Sam Childers Featured in New Movie

Disabled Haitians Blessed with Gift of Mobility

Disabled Haitians Blessed with Gift of Mobility

Fighting the Ghosts of Bosnia with Love, Hope

Fighting the Ghosts of Bosnia with Love, Hope