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Pray for the Persecuted Church Sunday: Call Your Congressman Monday

Pray for the Persecuted Church Sunday: Call Your Congressman Monday

CBN NewsWatch: October 31, 2017

On CBN Newswatch,Oct. 31st: Washington is already talking about what's next following the indictment of President Trump's former campaign...

CBN NewsWatch: October 17, 2017

On CBN Newswatch, Oct. 17th: The President is pushing ahead with his plans on getting tax reform done by...

CBN NewsWatch: September 12, 2017

On CBN Newswatch, September 12th: Now that Hurricane Irma has passed through Florida,residents and officials there are assessing the...

Texas 'Bathroom Bill' Moving Forward Amid Controversy

Texas 'Bathroom Bill' Moving Forward Amid Controversy

Pastor Robby Gallaty - Monday April 24, 2017

CBN's special Week of Prayer service from April 24, 2017 with Pastor Robby Gallaty.

NC Stands Ground on Bathroom Law Despite DOJ Threats

NC Stands Ground on Bathroom Law Despite DOJ Threats

Week of Prayer - Monday April 25, 2016 – Dr. David Ireland

Watch Dr. David Ireland, Pastor, Author and NBA Consultant.

'One In, One Out' Questioned as 1st Deportees Dock in Turkey

The first three boatloads of migrants to be deported from Greece docked in Turkey on Monday.  The move is...

Man Shot by Police after Drawing Weapon at US Capitol

Capitol Police shot a man on Monday after he pulled a weapon at a U.S. Capitol checkpoint. The suspect...

Obama Celebrates Last White House Easter Egg Roll with Fun Run

There's a lot of laughter coming from the South Lawn of the White House Monday, with more than 35,000...

Obama Aims to Bury the Hatchet with Cuba

President Barack Obama is meeting with Cuban President Raoul Castro in his historic visit to the island nation Monday...

North Korea Escalates Tensions with More Missile Launches

The U.S. and South Korean governments are calling on North Korea to stop its provocative missile tests after the...

Putin Orders to Start Russian Military Pullout from Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered a partial pullout of the Russian military from Syria, voicing hope that the...

Dr. Ben Carson on the Importance of Virtue

Dr. Ben Carson spoke to Christian conservatives Monday at Regent University on the importance of virtue.

Ben Carson at Regent: 'I'm Not in This for Myself'

Despite trailing in the polls, Dr. Ben Carson says he won't bow to the whims of the political class and...

Death Toll Rises in Iraq Market Bombings

The death toll is climbing Monday from back-to-back market bombings unleashed by the Islamic State in Iraq over the weekend.

Snow, Sleet Hits East Coast on President's Day

The mid-Atlantic and Northeast are being hit with snow, sleet, and rain Monday.