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Mental Problems More Likely for Kids of Gay Parents

Mental Problems More Likely for Kids of Gay Parents

Gen iDistracted? Business the Millennial Way

To an older generation, constant use of social media looks more like a distraction. But to the tech-savvy Millenials...

Women More Likely to Get Alzheimer's than Men

Women More Likely to Get Alzheimer's than Men

The Watchman With Erick Stakelbeck: Endgame Near on Iran Nuke - October 8, 2013

On this week's edition of The Watchman, we examine President's Obama's announcement of negotiations with Iran over its nuclear...

Open Season on Christians after Pro-Gay Rulings

After the Supreme Court's pro-gay marriage rulings, Christians who stand up for traditional marriage are more likely than ever...

Shacking Up? Unintended Pregnancy More Likely

Shacking Up? Unintended Pregnancy More Likely

Study: Hollywood Sex Scenes Can Corrupt Teens

Study: Hollywood Sex Scenes Can Corrupt Teens

Dr. James Maas: Sleeping Your Way to Good Health

For over 35 years, Dr. James Maas has been a pioneer in the field of sleep. He explores sleep...

Thanksgiving: Eating Great and Loving it

Eating well on Turkey Day means choosing turkey and other foods that are both tasty and nutritious.

Keeping Kids Healthy and Free from Eating Disorders

Experts say that more kids than ever suffer from eating disorders, but the real problem may have nothing to...

Evacuation Drill: Are You Prepared for a Disaster?

The one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina is next week, and most Americans are still not prepared for a Katrina-size...

The New Testament Church

The New Testament Church and Mission in Sebring, Florida, provides shelter for the homeless, drug- addicted, and poor people...

The Homefront: Serving Those Left Behind

Generous communities across the country are coming to the rescue of military families whose spouses and parents are overseas.

Reducing Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Gailon Totheroh reports on ways women can prevent the deadly disease before it starts.

Fiesta Spirit Moving the American Church

New research shows Latinos are joining evangelical and Pentecostal churches at such a brisk rate that they're shaking up...

Pat Boone and the New American Revolution

As a pop music icon with a living legacy, what is Pat Boone's greatest accomplishment? A 53-year marriage to...

Vacilli: Growing Up Too Fast in the Ukraine

At the age of six, he worked the fields and looked after his grandmother. Yet Vacilli had never even...

John W. Schlitt: A Rock Star Redeemed

Before becoming the lead singer of Petra, John Schlitt was caught up in the rock’n’roll lifestyle of drugs and...

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