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Is Russia Punishing Ukraine?

Russia says it shut off Ukraine's natural gas over a pricing dipute. Or is there something more behind it?

Lanae Hale: Hope for the Hopeless

Depression led her down a self-destructive road. Singer Lanae Hale desperately needed a savior.

Scott Hamilton: Trust Our Almighty Coach

The Olympic Gold Medal skater shares his secrets to finding happiness in the face of a life filled with...

Bring It On: Fat-Burning Exercise Routine

Can you recommend an exercise routine that will burn fat? Pat Robertson answers this question and more.

China's Nip and Tuck Industry

Tens of thousands of patients in China each year are rushing to go under the knife all in the...

Benny Hinn on the Gaza Conflict

Benny Hinn shares with Pat Robertson his prophetic understanding concerning the Gaza conflict, and then together they pray for Israel.

Israel Advances Cautiously in Ground Op

Israeli forces are moving cautiously in their war on Hamas, knowing that the casualties will grow in the dense...

Western Protests Call for Israel’s Demise

Israel's critics have been out in full force since "Operation Cast Lead" began in Gaza last month.

Bring It On: Bank Loans

What happens to loans owed to a bank that is closing? Are the debts pardoned? Pat Robertson answers this...

Israel Enters Day 3 of Gaza Op

After more than a week of air strikes against Hamas, Israel launched a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip...

How You Can Start Spending Smart

Everyday spending can make or break your budget, but with these tips you can likely spend the right way.

What 2009 Holds for Israel

What effect the Gaza war will have on the Mideast will be one just of the major questions for...

Pat's Thoughts on 2009

Pat Robertson shares what he believes the Lord is telling him about this year.

Bring It On: Venting Marital Frustrations

My husband is asking for a divorce, and I have been venting my frustrations to friends. Is that OK?

Why Can't I Sleep?

Insomnia comes in two forms: either folks can't fall asleep, or they can't stay asleep.

Bring It On: Flabby Arms

I have flabby arms. What exercises can I do to tone them up? Pat Robertson answers this Skinny Wednesday...

Winning the Hearts, Minds of Afghanistan

U.S. forces are winning the hearts and minds of Afghans living in what was once the most violent region...

Changing Lives

A ministry to the hungry is doing more than fill empty stomaches. It's also changing lives.