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Christians in the Revolution

Christians in the Revolution

Fashion Xiang China

CBN and Operation Blessing help a Chinese girl achieve her dream of designing clothes.

Bring It On: God's Will

Is praying for healing in conflict with asking for God's will to be done? How can I be assured...


U.S. churches are taking controversial steps to reach out to their Muslim neighbors by allowing them to hold worship...

Kong's Cistern

Kong's Cistern

Sarah Palin and Civility

She’s a powerhouse media figure who has passionate supporters and passionate opponents. The Brody File’s all-star panel, Dan...

Where to Go When Things Don’t Go Your Way

Solomon dropped out of school because his family could not afford it. With a prayer to God, Solomon held...

Maryland Gay Marriage

Lawmakers in Maryland are pushing to legalize gay marriage. They have introduced bills in both Houses of the legislature....

Fleeing with Nothing

When Gladys and her family had to abandon their home for a safer place to live, they had barely...

Crawling Out of Isolation

Jimmy Anderson was high on drugs and hidden from the world. Even after he was sober, he still struggled...

Bring It On: Bankruptcy

Being a Christian, should I put my past criminal history down on job applications? Is declaring bankruptcy a sin?...

Escaping the Paycheck to Paycheck Life - Pt 2

Johnny and Suzette Eldred are committed to a strategy that brings them financial increase. Find out their secret—it can...

Are Your Finances Way Behind or Going Strong?

$20,000 in debt - Joann could never seem to get ahead financially. Then she found the help that...

Artist's Work Brings Holocaust Victims 'Back to Life'

Dr. Pat Mercer Hutchens, professor and accomplished artist, has used oil paintings to give life to the most vulnerable...

Ending China’s Abuses

Ending China’s Abuses

Raising Animals to Raise a Family

When Ana’s chicken business nearly failed, you helped Ana get exactly what she needed -- and so much more.

When You Can't Come in From the Cold

Destroyed in an earthquake, Zang Zu lost everything – including a heater to keep her family from freezing at...

Aussie Floods

Aussie Floods