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Are Your Finances Way Behind or Going Strong?

$20,000 in debt - Joann could never seem to get ahead financially. Then she found the help that...

Bring It On: Generational Curse

I have a 17 year old daughter who is disrespectful, what should I do? My husband is unemployed 2...

Artist's Work Brings Holocaust Victims 'Back to Life'

Dr. Pat Mercer Hutchens, professor and accomplished artist, has used oil paintings to give life to the most vulnerable...

Ending China’s Abuses

Ending China’s Abuses

Raising Animals to Raise a Family

When Ana’s chicken business nearly failed, you helped Ana get exactly what she needed -- and so much more.

When You Can't Come in From the Cold

Destroyed in an earthquake, Zang Zu lost everything – including a heater to keep her family from freezing at...

Aussie Floods

Aussie Floods

Heart Surgery for a Suffering Child

When little Yutong’s heart was failing, her parents had no way to help her. See how you provided Yutong...

It's Never too Late for a Fresh Start

Layed off and without an income, Debra was rejected by new employers since she never graduated from high school....

The Joy of Seeing Your Work

Struggling to provide for his family due to severe cataracts in his eyes, Nizamuddin needed a solution – and...

Martyred in the Philippines

Martyred in the Philippines

Searching for Real Power

Tracy thought he'd found respect and power in a life of drugs and crime, he was wrong.

Escaping the Paycheck to Paycheck Life - Pt 1

Johnny and Suzette Eldred are committed to a strategy that brings them financial increase. Find out their secret—it can...

Achieving Your Dream

Jamal dreamed of being an architect. But his dreams were shattered when his mother became ill, jobless, and homeless....

News on The 700 Club: January 28, 2011

As seen on The 700 Club's nationally televised broadcast for Jan. 28, the top headlines from CBN News include...

Whipped in the Eyes

After a painful accident inflicted Baburao with blinding cataracts, he could barely feed his family. See how you gave...

Brian Anderson

Brian Anderson

Brody File Commentary

David Brody gives his take on Sarah Palin’s life on Twitter and Facebook. Is it time to go deeper?