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Pa. County Issues Illegal Gay Marriage Licenses

Pa. County Issues Illegal Gay Marriage Licenses

Plus Sized Models: Too Big to Be Healthy?

Major networks ABC and NBC have rejected a new commercial from fashion retailer Lane Bryant that features plus-sized models.  

Richie Ray: Su tristeza en medio de la fama!

El pianista Richie Ray es considerado una leyenda musical en la música latina y uno de los pioneros de...

The Science Behind Dieting Right

Howard J. Eisenson, MD and Martin Binks, Ph.D. discuss their "Duke Diet" program for successful long-lasting weight loss.

Dr. Michael Roizen on Baby Vaccines

Dr. Roizen explores the pros and cons of infant and childhood vaccinations.

La Casa de Plástico.

María Vásquez y sus tres hijos tuvieron que entregar la casa donde vivían porque no pudieron seguir pagando la...

Héctor, Heriberto y la historia de "Torre Fuerte"

Heriberto Hermosillo nos comparte su impresionante testimonio, sus vivencias familiares junto a su hermano Héctor, y de como su...

Christians Remain Targets as Violence Grows in Nigeria

Christians Remain Targets as Violence Grows in Nigeria

Vida Dura #420

En Vida Dura. Roberto Abugatás, de Lima, Perú, nos cuenta como un famoso atleta y hombre de negocios, se...

The Extended Interview with Josh McDowell

In this Web exclusive, Scott Ross interviews the international speaker on his troubled youth and how it ultimately led...

Fairfield Four: There Must Be a City

Fairfield Four performs, “There Must Be a City.”

In The Navy: Christianity Under Attack

In The Navy: Christianity Under Attack

Don Piper Revisits Heavenly Experience

Author Don Piper discusses the upcoming movie adaption of Don’s best-selling book, 90 Minutes in Heaven.

A Christian Perspective on 'Doomsday' Fears

A Christian Perspective on 'Doomsday' Fears

Meet Lecrae

CBN News’ Efrem Graham chats with Christian hip-hop artist who’s enjoying ownership of the number one album in...

Chris Pratt Commemorates the Resurrection with 20-Foot Cross

"Jurassic World" star Chris Pratt is making headlines for the nod he gave to Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday.

Keni Thomas Sings 'Not Me'

Country music artist Keni Thomas shares his talents in this special music video.

Does Your Soul Long for Heaven?

Does your soul long for heaven? That's a question that a new book sets out to answer from a...