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Jerusalem Dateline: 04/15/16

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: “Israel’s eyes” on Mt. Hermon see growing threats to Jewish State; plus refugee crisis...

Randy Hicks: Hell and Back

A former drug dealer, addict and felon overdosed and was pronounced dead. Today, he's an evangelist changing lives with...

CBN NewsWatch: April 26, 2016

On CBN Newswatch, April 26: Trump calls for Cruz, Kasich to help defeat "crooked Hillary'; Thousands rally in support...

Back Pain Disappears Instantly

After injuring his back, Jessie sought one treatment option after another. After scheduling surgery, he saw The 700...

The 700 Club - March 31, 2016

NBA champion James McAdoo discusses the determination that fuels his basketball journey. Plus, a youth group kid with a...

700 Club Interactive - Do You Believe In Miracles? - April 25, 2016

Believing in your miracle when faith for healing seems to be tested.

NBA Champ James McAdoo Shows Determination Through Basketball Journey

After an illustrious high school career and success at one of college’s top programs at the University of North...

The 700 Club - April 15, 2016

One mother shares her story of forgiveness in the years following her daughter’s high-profile murder. Also, r he fell...

Saved From Abortion, This Boy Continues to Beat the Odds

Doctors painted a hopeless picture for the Mathews family when a litany of birth defects showed up on the...

Kamal Saleem: A Muslim Cries Out to Jesus

He heard a voice call his name and saw a vision of Christ. This was miraculous, because up until...

Week of Prayer - Tuesday April 26, 2016 – J.C. Watts

Watch J. C. Watts, Former US Congressmen, Pastor, and Author.

Suicidal Ministry Leader Meets Angel in Asylum

She was a famous singer-songwriter. She worked along-side Billy Graham during the crusades. She was a 700 Club co-host....

Superbook Series Epic Trailer

Watch an epic trailer for the Emmy-nominated Superbook Animated Bible Series.

CBN NewsWatch: April 19, 2016

On CBN Newswatch, April 19: The battle of New York: why this Primary matters; Jerusalem bus bombing signals new...

After A Deadly Car Accident, Teen Says It’s Like Nothing Ever Happened

A car full of teenagers is hit head on by a drunk driver, and J.R. is the only survivor....

Digging Deep: J.C. Watts Shares Secret to Staying Morally Grounded

Digging Deep: J.C. Watts Shares Secret to Staying Morally Grounded

700 Club Interactive - A Father for the Fatherless - April 20, 2016

Abandoned by his own father, Luis Reyes shares his heart to reach the fatherless generation.

Mundo Cristiano: Abril 15, 2016

Mundo Cristiano: Abril 15, 2016