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CBN NewsWatch: September 21, 2016

On CBN Newswatch, September 21: Court papers offer chilling insight into NYC bomber's motives, America's spiritual leaders cry out...

Court Papers Offer Chilling Insight into NYC Bomber's Motives

Court Papers Offer Chilling Insight into NYC Bomber's Motives

Vida Dura # 453

La grave enfermedad terminal de un pequeño motiva la reconciliación de sus padres, separados, por infidelidades y alcohol. También,...

Stay Motivated With Your Diet!

Author and fitness model, Natalie Jill discusses changing her diet after a celiac disease diagnosis, and how she lost...

Passion for Christ Motivates Beijing Believers

Passion for Christ Motivates Beijing Believers

What Really Motivated Mizzou's President to Step Down?

Was racial injustice the reason for Missouri University Presisdent Tim Wolfe's ouster or the fact that the school would be forced...

Russia Goes to War in Syria - but Against Whom?

President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry say they welcome Russian efforts to defeat ISIS. But some...

Her Children's Painful Questions Motivates the Fight for Saeed

Pastor Saeed Abedini's children have possibly had the most difficult time coping with the years he's spent locked up...

Plot Thickens as Russia Expands Syria Presence

Russia's is on the move in Syria, saying it wants to help the war-torn nation fight Islamic terrorists. But...

ISIS Praises Shooting of Four Tennessee Marines

The Islamic State terror group is celebrating Thursday's shooting in Tennessee, which killed four U.S. Marines.

Israel: UN Gaza Report 'Morally Flawed, Biased'

Israel says the UNHRC report on last summer's war in the Gaza Strip was "politically motivated and morally flawed...

VIDEO: Fundación cambia vidas de cientos de "ángeles" con discapacidad

Recientemente, celebró el “Día del Ángel” para motivar a los padres de los pequeños en Taiwán.

News on The 700 Club: June 11, 2015

As seen on “The 700 Club,” June 11: Australia Intel: ISIS may have dirty bomb capability; American killed battling...