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Europe's Muslim Refugee Crisis: For Yazidis, a Nightmare Has Returned

Europe's Muslim Refugee Crisis: For Yazidis, a Nightmare Has Returned

The Birth of Unstoppable Evil

Brennan McPherson, author of “Cain,” shares insights on his book chronicling the first murder recorded in the Bible.

Lost in the Wonders of Genesis

Brennan McPherson will discuss his novel, “Cain: The Story of the First Murder and the Birth of an Unstoppable Evil”

The 700 Club - April 21, 2016

Meet a Hollywood couple that claims deeper intimacy can be achieved in relationships without sex. Plus, a murder charge...

The 700 Club - April 15, 2016

One mother shares her story of forgiveness in the years following her daughter’s high-profile murder. Also, r he fell...

Advocates Agree: What's Happening to Mideast Christians Is Genocide

The clock is ticking for the White House to determine if the wide-scale murder of Christians and other minorities...

Why This Immigrant Rejects Sweden’s Immigration Model

Sweden was going to show the world the way into a multicultural future. But that plan has run off...

Genocide: House Approves Declaration on ISIS Atrocities

The House of Representatives has approved a resolution that condemns the Islamic States' wide-scale murder of Christians and other...

700 Club Interactive - Divine Collision - February 16, 2016

An American lawyer defends a teen wrongfully accused of murder.

A Remarkable Battle for Freedom

An American lawyer defends an African teen wrongfully accused of murder.

Heartbroken Families Forgive South Carolina Shooter

Families of Emmanuel AME Church respond to Dylann Roof, the man charged with murder in the church shooting in...

CBN News Minute - February 1, 2016

THE CBN NEWS MINUTE – YOUR NEWS IN A FLASH: Trump and Clinton in the lead as Iowa caucus...

CBN News Minute - January 20 2016

CBN News Minute: Taliban terrorists murder 20 at university in Pakistan… Hillary Clinton scandal bombshell – emails BEYOND “Top...

Chicago Officer Pleads Not Guilty to Murder of Black Teen

Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke pleaded not guilty to six counts of first-degree murder in court Tuesday.

P. Parenthood Shooter Charged with 1st Degree Murder

The suspect in the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting made his first court appearance Monday by videoconferencing where he learned...

CBN NewsWatch: December 1, 2015

On CBN Newswatch, Dec. 1: How Obama's climate change fight is costing US coal; P. Parenthood shooter charged with...

Suspects Plead 'Not Guilty' in Murder of Pastor’s Wife

Indiana authorities have now charged two young men with the murder of Amanda Blackburn, the pregnant wife of a...