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Top Clinton Aide Linked to Radical Muslim Journal

Top Clinton Aide Linked to Radical Muslim Journal

How Should Americans Really Respond to Islamic Jihad?

Daily news headlines trumpet new terrorist threats. How are Americans to respond to these threats? Is terrorism in line...

What's Worse Than Muslim Radicals?

CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell spoke with Rosenberg about this threat and other developments in the...

Penalty Phase Begins in Boston Bombing Case

Jurors in the Boston Marathon bombing trial begin the penalty phase Tuesday, to decide if Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will be...

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Obama ISIS Strategy 'Incoherent'

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a former Muslim and an outspoken critic of radical Islam, is taking her message of the...

Suspect in Attempted Attack 'Radicalized Muslim'

Suspect in Attempted Attack 'Radicalized Muslim'


On Christmas Eve last year, Muslim radicals attacked Ugandan pastor Umar Mulinde. While he survived the attack, his injuries...

2009: The Year of Homegrown Jihad

Islamic jihadists have never been more active in their attempts to attack the U.S. than in 2009 and without...

Robert Spencer: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam

Pat Robertson interviews Robert Spencer. Spencer is the director of Jihad Watch and is a writer and researcher who...

Ohio No Stranger to Radical Islam

Is a sleepy town in the U.S. one of the hottest beds for radical Islamic activity? Erick Stakelbeck reports...

Terrorists Training in Rural America?

Erick Stakelbeck goes to Red House, Virginia, to investigate a small town that could be brewing Islamic terrorism on...

Christians Jailed for Converting Muslims

After being jailed for converting Muslim children to Christianity, three women continue to share their faith from behind bars.

Stealth Jihad: The War Within Our Borders

Radical Muslims are looking for ways to bring sharia law to the United States.

Terror in Mosul: Christians Flee Attacks

Thousands of Christians fled their homes in Iraq after radical Muslims threatened to kill them if they didn't convert...

School's Out

Radical Muslims shut down a Bible school in Jakarta, Indonesia, but the students are determined to pass this test...

Indonesia Violence: 'Something Radically Wrong'

Indonesia Violence: 'Something Radically Wrong'

Stakelbeck on Terror: The Truth about the Koran

Stakelbeck on Terror: The Truth about the Koran

King: Homegrown Terror Hearings Will Continue

King: Homegrown Terror Hearings Will Continue

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