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New Report Reveals $125B in Waste at the Pentagon

New Report Reveals $125B in Waste at the Pentagon

CBN News Minute - September 15, 2016

YOUR DAILY NEWS IN A FLASH! Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton release their medical information... North Carolina cannot...

A CBN News Perspective on the Dallas Shootings

CBN News reporter Efrem Graham talks with Gordon Robertson about the aftermath of the Dallas police shootings.

Could West Virginia Revival Spark End-Time Awakening?

CBN News reporter Wendy Griffith shares that revival is spreading through the schools and churches of her home state,...

CBN News Minute - April 11, 2016

YOUR DAILY NEWS IN A FLASH: CIA refusing to waterboard, even if next president orders it… Pharmacists fight for...

Winter Storm Olympia Hits Nation's Capitol

CBN News Reporter Abigail Robertson shows us how Washington, DC, is fairing in winter storm Olympia .

CBN News Showase: A special look at news that matters to you

Watch these CBN News reports from here at home and around the world from your trusted news source with...

Obesity in American Adults Rising

The obesity crisis is getting worse in America, not better, according to a new report from the Centers for...

A World with No Christians? Report Shows Disturbing Trend

Christians could soon be extinct from entire regions of the world, according to a new report from the U.K....

Grandparents Legacy

A group of news reports tell us how their grandparents lives has impacted their own lives.

Report: White House Lacks Plan to Deter US Jihadis

The U.S. has failed to stop more than 250 American Muslims from joining terrorist groups, according to a new report.

Panic Attacks

CBN News reporter Lorie Johnson reports on panic attacks.

Maira Alejandra Discusses Immigration, 2016 Presidential Race

CBN News Reporter Maira Alejandra joins CBN News Weekend to discuss the impact of the immigration debate on the...

Addicted to Prescription Drugs

CBN News reporter Lorie Johnson discusses the tragic costs of America’s addiction to prescription drugs.

Obama May Ignore Congress Vote on Iran Deal

Congress is set to vote on the Iran nuclear deal in just a few weeks but new reports indicate...